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A Christmas party for kids of age to attend elementary school is not complete without those fun and stupid board games that they love so much. Read on to get some really nice Christmas party activity ideas and get your prizes and your digital camera ready too.

The best way to give the kickoff to a party is to have an activity that will surely get kids of school age to get up. In a complete game, you must provide stockings, bowls of cigarettes and plastic spoons. Attach each bottom one next to the other on the wall at the back of the room. Divide the children into teams, according to the number of socks you have and give each member a team a plastic spoon. In your opinion, the first person on each team should place the plastic spoon handle in their mouth and try to pick a candy from the bowl. With the plastic spoon still in the mouth, he or she must rush down on the wall and place the candies inside. The next person on each team then repeats the same thing. The game ends when the bowls are empty. And the winners will have the chance to bring home the candies.

Your kids will certainly find a set of gifts to unwrap that are really worth being encouraged by their teammates. You need empty boxes packed in colorful gift boxes, trash cans and a group of kids who can not wait to get their hands on the gifts to unpack them. Stack all the gifts in one corner of the room. Divide the children into two groups. When you say "go," each team sends a member running to get a present, unpack it and try to pull the package inside the trash. If he does not, the kid has to go back and place it inside before the next team unties a gift.

After a few sets of strenuous board games, elementary students could play something while sitting. For this next game, you will need a large tray with a blanket and at least 20 different objects that have something to do with Christmas. Arrange items on the board, which can include anything, such as a candy cane, a Christmas tree ornament or a miniature reindeer. Give each team less than a minute to watch and try to remember items on the board. Cover the tray and have the children immediately write down all the objects they can remember. The team with the largest number of correct elements is the winner.

Another less tiring but equally exciting game is a word-hunting game. Give each team a pencil and a piece of paper. Write a long word or two on the board – all about Christmas. For example, if you write the word "North Pole", children of elementary age should write the words of the letters of the word "North Pole". They should find the pool, the tone, the throne, the proton, the hornet and so on.

Elementary children like to play guessing games. For this game you will need a small plastic sled and a headband. Rotate the children in a circle, choose someone and blindfold them. Return the toy sled randomly to any child of the circle. Whoever has the sled calls the blindfolded child as follows:

Santa, your sled is gone!
Maybe someone just took it!
Who has it? Who has it?

The blindfolded boy will try to determine who among his peers has the sled. He or she must receive three chances.

Another game that will make them crack is a drawing game. Give each one a sheet of paper and a pencil. Ask the children of the elementary age to close their eyes while trying to draw each shape you say aloud. But do not tell them exactly what they are asked to draw. For example, tell them to draw a huge triangle, followed by tiny squares underneath. Then have them draw small scattered circles inside the triangle, followed by a star shape at the top of the triangle. They will certainly laugh at what they drew when you tell them to open their eyes.


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