Christmas party ideas for boys


Planning a Christmas party For boys?

Make one that they would really like. The games and activities that you organize can make the difference between a boring party and a party they would talk about enthusiastically for weeks to come.

Yes, food is important. But entertainment too. A must for any Christmas party for kids is the appearance of Santa Claus jolly old. Get a guy ready to dress in Santa Claus, in this red suit, white beard and stuffed stomach for the occasion.

Prepare a large bag of gifts for Santa to give to the children while he makes his grand entrance. Get a photographer to take pictures for guests with Santa Claus. If possible, upload these photos to a PC and have them picked up in calendars or other memorabilia that guests will bring back home after the party.

Why stick to Santa Claus. Get the full support cast with Santarina (a pretty woman dressed in a short dress, Santa woman). Get a pair of elf squabbling to accompany them for comic relief. These characters are essential to the intrigue of this Christmas party.

After giving gifts to all the guests and taking pictures with everyone, Santa suddenly realizes that he has lost his magic treasure box. He takes out a picture and shows all the children. The following is a treasure hunt. The children divided into 4 research teams to find this box. The team that finds the box wins. Santa Claus would win prizes for the winners of his bag.

After the children have settled in with the prize and all the guests have had time to use the food, Santarina rushes into the room, screaming, "We are under attack! . The boys are led outside where a large bucket filled with water awaits them. They are given plastic bags to make water bombs. Adults in Halloween costumes approach them, making scary noises. Boys repel intruders with water bombs. After the intruders are hunted, everyone celebrates with a newspaper cake. Note, if it's snowing, or the ground is covered with snow, do a snowball fight instead. If the weather is too cold out for a water fight, give the boys light sabers or ping pong balls as weapons.

Let the kids drink hot drinks and desserts by the fireplace. If you have time for one more game, make it a Christmas version of Sardines.

Get the elbow to flip the foot in the room, acting frustrated and whispering one to the other. Then they call the children to gather around them to whisper to them what they have seen. & # 39; Too many invaders. We must hide while Santa Claus is leading his forces against the new invaders. We need you to follow us. Hide us with us until the coast is clear or something along this line.

With that, the elves leave the room. Santarina prevents them from leaving while she gives each boy the supplies they need. Bars of chocolate for energy and a bottle of water or a bottled drink in case they are thirsty. Father Christmas delays them further by giving them sticks of light to light the way.

From here, there should be dark. Turn off all the lights and let the kids find their way using their glow sticks.

Every child who finds the elves hides with them. Elves can entertain them with card games or stories.

After the last child has found the elves, the game ends. Santa and Santarina come out victorious when they enter the room.

Children receive their photographic memories and drive their parents on hold.


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