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Children on winter holidays are full of energy and laughter. Why not exploit all this winter joy and have a match day for your family? Maybe your family has some beloved games that you have played again and again and that you need a break from the norm or maybe your family wants to start a new holiday tradition and you have need inspiration … We have many suggestions of holiday games that will appeal to all the game lovers of your home.

If you have invited older children and want to burn some of their energy before switching to cake and cookies, try the holiday variations of the popular "Minute to Win It" games. Ask your partygoers in turn to see who can take the biggest sip of hot chocolate or who can sing "Rudoplh the Red-nosed Reindeer" the fastest. If you want to be particularly stupid, see how long it takes to make a red pompon appear on their nose covered with vaseline. Make sure you take pictures!

If your friends and family are more artistic, try a gingerbread house decorating contest. Divide your guests into teams of 2 to 4 children and give each team their own house to decorate. You can use traditional gingerbread houses or opt for a method of using small cartons of milk or graham crackers. Set the time for a specific time and see how decorating can become creative and complicated in that time. All gingerbread houses can be judged by all your guests with mailboxes and slips of paper or you can ask a few adults or older to be the judges and choose the winner.

The imagination flies. Note excerpts from famous song lyrics and see who has the best drawing skills. You can also do it backwards: If you have a talent for illustration or know someone who does, present several performances of popular songs and holiday songs and see how many of your guests can guess correctly.

Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunts) can be a fantastic way to incorporate the holiday spirit, burn excess energy and fortify their minds. Use clues to drive around the house or even outside where they can meet Frosty or Rudolph (make sure the kids are all well prepared to be outside if you are considering this approach)? ) In search of the grand prize. Not only will they work their minds, but they could get a change to pour some of that sugar.

Even the smallest of your visitors will love these ideas and will pray for that for years. It is easy to adapt preschool games for a Christmas party. Try "pin the hat on the frost" or "pin the star on the nativity". Strap on a set of faux woods and a red nose to become Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and play a game of "Rudolph Says". Organize a team relay race with Frosty's black top hat instead of sticks.

Another option is to try the Penguin Walk which is very fun and causes a lot of hilarity. Ask the children to form teams of four to five people. Give a ball or soft ball to the child who is lined up first … Your guests place it between their knees and then have to navigate through the course that you have laid waddling all the way like a penguin. The first team to finish is the winner.

One of the most traditional Christmas party games is the white elephant or the exchange of gifts. Depending on the age of your guests and their ability to follow complex directions, you can arrange an exchange of white elephant gifts in different ways. One option is to put all the gifts on a table, to choose one and open it at the same time, with no exchange possible. Or try to have the children take turns allowing them to choose either a new gift from the stack or one that the other child has already chosen. Another creative way to exchange gifts is to organize an auction allowing your guests to bid on their favorite gift using the fictitious money you provided them.

Whether you are having a big party or simply playing with your own kids, you will be able to create many wonderful memories and spread the joy of Christmas ..


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