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Let's all try something new and exciting this holiday season. I recently helped a couple in Florida who wanted to do something out of the box this year for the holidays. I suggested a Holiday Block Party.

It would only work, of course, if you live in an area where the weather is nice in December. If you are lucky enough to have that nice weather and do not dream of a white Christmas then let me give you some tips and ideas.

First, I would like to make beautiful invitations to send to your neighbors and friends. You should remember that many people are busy during this time of year, so I suggest doing it in early December. Give some dates and let the masses decide when they will be.

Secondly, you will want to let all the participating houses know that they must plan the decoration of the house, in a festive manner according to religion. You must try to accommodate everyone.

Then I hire a DJ to play party music as well as party music. I would have a pony ride and I would organize some parties for the same. You can find a lot of ideas on

Someone has to dress up like Santa Claus and give gifts. I would ask all parents of participating homes to offer a little something to their children and to give to those who will be saints. You do not want to leave anyone out, so when you set up a household budget, make sure you leave money to buy cheap toys to give just in case parents give a gift.

Some other ideas. Bring the Christmas tree to the alley. Hold a 50/50 raffle

(you can get tickets on Make a pie contest, be creative.

For more basic holiday ideas, visit []


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