Christmas presents for children who will last a lifetime


I have a confession to make: Christmas presents for kids make me nervous. It's not because I do not like spoiling my own kids, but so often others get it wrong.

Do I look like an ungrateful brat? Let me explain. Nine times out of ten, instead of a well-designed and age-appropriate child's toy, my children are flooded with garbage

sets of pearls that are marked "for 10 years and over – my daughter is five years old – would not seem out of place in the armed forces and soft-toys based on cartoon characters. No matter the kids, it's no wonder that parents sometimes lose their heads about children's toys.

Call me old-fashioned, but my ethic is simple. Source of beautifully crafted children's toys that are not just wonders to success. Anyone can spend their money on the latest TV must-have, but would not it be nicer to invest in illustrated books or unisex finger puppets and perfect for the imagination of anyone? A child?

they probably already have the figurines down / lunchbox / plastic. If it is not the case, they will laugh at it, or – gasps – will be worried, but six months ago and will now think that you treat them like a baby. Believe me, in the children of the planet, there is no worse than that.

The most successful Christmas presents for children are beautiful and have a guaranteed longevity. My daughter's jewelry box with a dancing clown is played every night before she goes to bed, unlike the plastic bag that broke in half the second when she put her treasures inside. .

My son plays endlessly with his wooden fort, hiding everything from wooden knights to toy cars in the interior. Like the music box, he also looks good in his room – and most moms admit that it's important too.

My advice is to go for the best example of classic Christmas gifts for kids that you can find or dare to different. Traditional blocks, a hand-painted animal, a porcelain tea set or a play tent, packaged simply in brown paper and tied with a colored ribbon, will look much cooler than the toy army in plastic donated by almost everyone. Would not you be happy if your birthday gifts lasted a lifetime?


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