Christmas Re-Gifting the right way!


What is re-gifting? Re-gifting, that is, pack the gifts you have received in the past and give them to others.

Why make a new gift? Why should you keep unnecessary gifts in your home when you know someone who would like the gift.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider re-gifting:

Re-Gifting allows you to save money! Maybe you have received silver earrings in the past and you have no pierced ears or are allergic to money? Or maybe you have received an expensive perfume for Christmas last year and you are sensitive to perfumes? These would be prefect examples of why you should re-gift. Just because you can not use a gift for any reason, does not mean that someone else does not like the gift.

Re-gifting Rules to save you embarrassment:

1. The gift should have brand new air. Make sure the gift is not dusty. If it is a packed object, the box should be clean with sharp edges. You should not give old warning boxes as gifts.

2. Make sure the recipient is not the person who sent you the gift. This trick is about common sense.

3. Re-gift a good gift that you think the recipient would really like. Do not give a gift to someone just because you have it in hand. Make sure that the gift is really something that the recipient will love.

There are many ways to save a lot of money on Christmas presents. Re-gifting and buying gifts on sale are excellent options. There is no reason to go into debt at Christmas to buy gifts and spend the next 10 months paying for Christmas. Start your Christmas shopping in your own wardrobe, you can surprise yourself with the great gifts you find.


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