Christmas – Santa's secret Christmas The tradition of world peace!


Santa Claus has a traditional Christmas tradition that many families around the world join every year. They are known as "Seven Secret Sacred Blessings and Wishes for the Seven Continents for World Peace."

For Santa Claus, these are the most sacred moments before he takes off for his annual World Giving Journey. Santa Claus, in his sleigh, has seven minutes of sacred blessings and vows that he gives on the earth seven minutes from the middle of the night, a time of silence for all the reindeer who blow from the sea. energy in the sky. wishes and blessings at the exact moment when they are spoken by Santa Claus.

Santa Claus invites families and people from around the world to join him in these sacred moments by saying the following blessing and wish for each nation. Santa closes every blessing of the nations and wishes by blowing energy with a kiss in the blessings. The next blessing is said after the name of each continent beginning with Africa, and then the next blessing. Antarctica, Australia, Asia a, Europe, North America, and then ending with:

South America – Blessing and Wish of Santa Claus:

"All our brothers and sisters scatter great vows under this starry sky this eve of the birth of new beginnings.These seeds of hope, great dreams of unity, peace and freedom are also the seeds of remember to live in gratitude, to embrace together in peace, love, forgiveness and acceptance.The seeds to advance the human race and connect together all people together as one! Take new sow, root and grow in everyone's heart, young and old under this starry sky tonight! "

Santa Claus brings happiness, generosity of heart, good will and peace to all of us, of our responsibility to create peace and love on the planet, he knows that peace begins with each person and has a training effect. Santa Claus wants us to give up the wounds of the past, forgive those who have hurt us – not for them but for our He knows that it is only when we are at peace that the world can be at peace, that peace is one of the most beautiful gifts we can leave on the planet, if not peace, it is love in action! 19659007]


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