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When artists release Christmas albums, they often tend to make them sentimental and gooey for the season, which ruins them completely. Winter Magic is truly a "magic" album, with a wonderful mix of seasonal songs. Soft as a snowflake; hot as a hearth fire; as sweet and delicious as a sugar cane. The arrangements are beautiful and the sweetness of the voice is soothing and very pleasant. The entire album has a magical and wintery atmosphere. If at the time of listening this recording the listener is not yet in the spirit of Christmas, this CD will do the trick. It's a diamond that, once possessed, will be cherished and I challenge anyone not to want to introduce it to friends and family.

After exploding into the music scene at the age of 16 and sold millions of albums, the musical phenomenon to the angelic voice, Hayley Westenra made a magical collection of songs of Christmas. Announced by PARADE Magazine as a "phenomenon" and the Boston Globe as a "voice to be reckoned with", both are good reasons for fans to enjoy this holiday treat.

Christmas presents a period when she shows sweet love, and her creative work addresses the essence of the season and presents Christmas as "a light that has manifested itself through the darkness" . Winter Magic defines all this in a beautiful style. Hayley does not just sing songs, she caresses them with love. She throws herself into all the songs to bring us hope, which boils down to her creation "Peace Shall Come". His choice of songs and melodic arrangements brought to our hearts a blessing of peace, love and hope.

This Hayley album will surely awaken your Christmas spirit like never before. Wonderful voices, generative musical arrangements and incredibly well-written songs are completely arranged together to make this album very special and different from all other Christmas albums. Hayley presents many popular seasonal songs, but the extraordinary thing is that these songs do not look like the typical Christmas song on the radio, which will definitely send shivers down your spine. So leave behind the same old conventional singers that you hear every winter and have this wonderful magic album.


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