Christmas, teach your children the true meaning of Christmas


Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. We should take the opportunity to discuss Christmas origins and the attitude of giving with our children. We should allow our children to participate in Christmas school games and church games.

Over the years, commercialism has covered the true meaning of Christmas. It's up to us, as parents, to bring Christmas back to its rightful place. We can start in our own homes with our own families.

Family complicity, unconditional love and goodwill should be the words of Christmas. Stories and images about the origins of Christmas should be around our homes. Our churches should play a major role in spreading the true spirit of Christmas.

Our church should have many small social events leading up to a major event that will take place very close to Christmas Day. All families should be required to attend. In order to invite another family. The guest family should be a family that does not go regularly to the church.

Make sure your children participate directly in at least one charity event during the holidays. They can give a toy or even help with a fundraiser for the less fortunate.

Try not to buy toys that overwhelm children. Yes, make sure the toy will make your child special. However, this can be done without excess. Be sure to remind them of the real Christmas gift that is baby Jesus.

Build as many gifts as possible with the kids. Set aside a special moment for this. Make a big noise on the time that is set aside. Prepare for the moment and make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed.

Working with children on different crafts and Christmas cards reinforces in their minds the importance of the season. Families who do not go to church can still do a lot to instill in the spirit of their children the spirit of Christmas.

Make the Christmas tree the center of the living room. Take the time to downshift the TV. If you must, watch TV only at certain times. Then turn it off. Look at Christmas programs only.

If you are serious about resurrecting the Christmas spirit then the focus should be on the family and the things that a family does together. Buy books on Christmas in other distant countries.

Your children will gain an understanding and respect for different cultures and their traditions. Christmas is not just celebrated in their corner of the world. Show them that it's a world celebration.

Set a night or two aside for a walk to see the lights. It's always fun. Try your best level to include grandmother and grandfather in family outings. Kids love when grandparents tell stories of their childhood.

You build memories for your children and for your entire family. Grandparents come to stay home for the holidays? Put the children in charge of decorating the guest room for their grandparents.

Take the time especially to let the kids know that the spirit of Christmas should not be posted only in December. Show them by your example as loving and caring parents that the Christmas spirit of love and joy should spread throughout the year.


Source by Wycliffe Williams

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