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The Christmas tree is the focal point of your decorations so why not try something different this year. How about going to one of the new & # 39; in reverse & # 39; trees? These are designed to hang on the ceiling, so you really can do it with an artificial tree like a fresh tree would not survive long, and you would clean needles forever and one day. If you think you have one, make sure to identify the space where you will put it first because you have to move to your room. They can be very effective in a stairwell, and they are illegally knocking out somebody.

I like to do something a little unusual with the ornaments too, you can go with baubles and traditional decorations, but how about going with a color theme, just one or two colors that you can tie with ribbons. Over the years, we have bought personalized Christmas gifts with family names and friends. We all gather to dress the tree and each person can position his own ornament; It's an extra excuse to get together for a Christmas party.

If you need a tree that does not take up too much space, you can choose a corner tree. I really like these, they are designed to fit in the corner of a room so that they occupy a minimum of space, but still look like a fantastic tree. . They give the impression of being much bigger than they are in reality. Then there are the colorful trees that make no effort to pretend that they are real, white, silver, golden, even reds and purples can be used to blend in with your decor and your taste.

You can use ribbons in different ways on your tree, either as garlands or to create hangers for your decorations. I like to make some bows and rosettes too. The red and the gold, the green and the silver are both pretty color combinations or you can opt for a rich purple and gold. Although we have traditionally dressed & # 39; the tree in balls, gold and twinkling lights you can go for a more natural look and use bits of fabric with pine cones, fruits, nuts and berries to give color accents and make your tree festive.

Something I like to do is put a large glass globe on top of the tree with a light inside. This gives a real "star" effect, especially if the globe you are using has stars engraved on it. You can use all kinds of things on top of the tree, instead of the traditional star – a favorite toy can participate in tree celebrations, make sure that it is not Is not too heavy. We always turn on the lights on the tree, and then add the decorations so that they make the most of the tree. The small lights of a single color are much more elegant if you want a themed look, if you like your trees look like a rich jewelry box, then a lot of twinkling colors in the middle of the branches look good.

Whatever you decide to do with the tree, make sure it fits your Christmas idea. The tree is such an important part of your Christmas celebrations, it should be your Christmas idea for you and your family, not a perfect picture of interior design.


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