Claiming a Home Renovation Tax Deduction


The spring approach often encourages homeowners to begin to consider improvements and home repairs. However, before you start pulling out the hammer and nails or hiring a contractor consider whether improvements to your home may be eligible for a tax deduction for the improvement of the home. # 39; habitat.

The first thing the homeowner needs to understand is the difference between a home improvement and a home repair. That is, a home repair is classified as repairing a problem. For example, repairing a hole in the roof, repairing a leak or repainting a room would have required repairs. On the other hand, the redevelopment of a kitchen, the addition of a few rooms, the construction of a garage or the installation of a swimming pool would be considered as improvements. These enhancements add to the homeowners' home life and usually add value to the home.

The Internal Revenue Service sets strict guidelines on how an owner can claim a tax deduction for home improvements. It is highly recommended that before hiring a contractor or starting any improvement work, you get advice from your tax advisor or the local IRS office.

Tax deductions may belong to several different categories. A medical problem requiring access for people with disabilities at home should normally be considered an improvement of the home.

There is a special tax deduction for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Consult the IRS regarding Katrina's Emergency Relief Act as it increases qualifying home improvement loans.

If you are planning improvements in a part of your home that needs to be repaired, you could possibly include the repair as an improvement. The Tax Act states that when a repair is performed in the same area of ​​the house being renovated, the repair may be included as part of the redevelopment project. So, if you plan to renovate your kitchen, do not forget to take care of leaking pipes at the same time and claim the entire project as a deduction.

Tax credits against deduction of tax

Tax credits can also provide significant savings to the owner. While a tax deduction for home improvements can reduce the amount of tax to be paid, a tax credit directly reduces the tax itself. Tax credits are available for several types of home improvements. For example, the installation of insulation, the addition of energy efficient windows and some types of highly efficient equipment for cooling and heating, as well as solar water heating , can all qualify for tax credits.


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