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Christmas songs are as varied and varied as anything I can think of. But what exactly do I mean by this statement? Well, think of the incredible variety of Christmas songs that have been produced over the years and I think you will agree. If you grow up in snowy areas, you may remember to have sleigh rides or sing around a snowy tree.

Of course, roasting chestnuts on an open fire is something you may have not only done, but also listened to Bing Crosby say about. And of course, hearing sled bells in the snow and dreaming of a white Christmas are ageless words that will end forever.
If you had a number of Christmas from the early '70s to the early' 80s, early '90s or early' '' '- across Vietnam, Grenada, the Gulf War, and the current wars. which means that the song that I will be at home for Christmas has. And who can forget all those wonderful Christmas specials Perry Como and Bing Crosby that were filled with beautiful Christmas songs.

And, of course, many of us will remember at least a handful of kids. songs, discussed by The Chipmunks, lead singer Alvin despite; "All I want for Christmas (that's my two front teeth);" and the classy "I saw Mom Kiss Santa Claus."

But Christmas songs like so many other things continue to evolve. Beautiful and moving classics like "O Holy Night" (which is my favorite) and "Little Drummer Boy", sung by cute little children in Christmas contests or pious choruses once a year and simple pudding and nog trinkets figgy, Christmas songs are spent in penetrating, stimulating, connected and spiritually uplifting realms. Just hearing the sounds can bring back
a flood of wonderful memories.

John Lennon, I think, started the trend of a Christmas song with a higher consciousness – with "And then it's Christmas, and what did you do?" and so it's Christmas (the war is over), for the weak and for the strong (if you want it), the rich and the poor, the road is so long … "Imagine (or remember) you) how did these frolicky, campy, or solemen and Christmas religious songs now have the words "war" and "fight" directly stated rather than claimed? It's just going to show you that even Christmas songs can contain political statements just as they contain declarations of peace and love.

And then came the unusual duo or unlike the remake star trends for Christmas songs, which were, really, also moving: Bing Crosby joins David Bowie to remake "The Little Drummer Boy". Which is one of my favorite songs of all time, from elsewhere. And how about the king, Elvis Presley spoof "Blue Christmas", how could you not like that?

And for a few years we moved away from the words, as such, and we let ourselves go to the holy songs of the monks. I love these original options, although I still have chills when I hear original or other versions of these songs that had such limited meaning when I was a kid doing solos for the parents of the primary school. Everyone is different of course, and our tastes in Christmas songs are no exception. But for my money, I'm going to take the old classics because, as I see it, it's not just beautiful Christmas songs, but some of the sweetest sounds you'll ever hear.


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