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Acne can be a real problem for teenagers and adults. Acne can not only heal the skin, but it can also heal the ego. Especially in teenagers, acne has been known to cause a lot of emotional stress because of peer pressure and criticism from others. Many of those who suffer from acne have tried many products that have failed them in cleaning their skin. There is a process for treating and curing your acne.

Acne treatments begin with determining what type of skin you have. There is a very simple way to find out if you have dry, oily or normal skin without having to talk to a dermatologist. Take a piece of toilet paper press on the forehead. If the paper sticks to your skin, you have oily skin. If the paper falls immediately, your skin is dry. If the paper sticks and falls, your skin is a mixture of both, that is, normal.

Knowing what type of skin you have, you will know what type of treatment you should use. Most treatments will tell you if they are for dry, oily or normal skin. However, there are many treatments that are used universally for all skin types. It really depends on the type of acne treatment you use. Take the Proactiv system for example, they have a system for oily skin.

Many of these systems work, but unless you get an acne treatment that is 100% natural, most of them have tons of chemicals that harm the body. Environment but can damage your skin in the long run. For example, Acnezine is one of the few acne treatments on the market to claim that they have all the natural ingredients that really work to clear up your acne.

An accumulation of free radicals and excessive sebum production is what primarily causes our skin to burst. Since you need sebum in your body to keep your skin healthy, you can not get rid of it. However, you can control the accumulation of free radicals, which are essentially byproducts of the process of oxidation that occurs in your body. Since you can not stop the process of oxidation, the only thing you can do is to prevent free radicals from accumulating.

Many acne treatments contain antioxidants, whether they are natural or chemical, they usually work. However, as it was mentioned earlier, chemicals can actually damage your skin even more in the long run. Natural antioxidants like those found in acne treatment called Acnezine work very well to control the accumulation of free radicals in your body and thus help you to have a clearer skin and healthy.

If you have an acne problem and you are not really sure what you should do about it, contact your dermatologist. Make an appointment to talk to him about this type of treatment, preferably natural; would be best for you. You should always talk to your doctor before trying any kind of treatment. The treatment may contain an ingredient to which you are allergic and you may not know it.


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