Coffee Tables – A Basic Frugal Home Design Guide


American homes are not traditionally complete without coffee tables. That said, many choose the common lounge tables without the benefit of simple shopping guidelines with the end result being coffee tables that are ill-matched or ill-suited to the rooms where they are placed.

The three principles of interior design to consider when buying a piece of furniture are form, function and space.


The form is simply to determine the design direction you want to create in the piece. Consistency in design will minimize clutter and focus your buying decisions.

Take the time to determine the style of your choice by browsing decorating magazines, viewing model homes, consulting an interior architect or taking advantage of simple style evaluations that you can find online.


The function is extremely important when choosing low tables. This requires identifying the lifestyle of your family in specific rooms that need coffee tables. For example, are you a "sit back and relax" family who loves to throw shoes, get cold drinks, a bowl of popcorn, feet on the table to watch a movie or a ball party? ? If so, a glass table is out. A better choice is an easy-to-clean coffee table, solid hardwood or a chest-style coffee table.

If you're the type to lie on the couch with a good book, a newspaper or a Kindle, you'll need a table that does not measure higher than the top of your sofa cushions. There is nothing worse than playing on a table while relaxing horizontally.

If there are small children in the house, then tables designed in marble or wood would be a better choice than glass. Round and padded are safer than counterparts with sharper contours. Smooth surfaces on tiled and paneled coffee table tops are best for growing families, as constantly trying to keep these nooks and crannies clean is really a futile exercise.


Finally, space could be the most important consideration. If storage is a problem, enjoy brilliantly designed coffee tables, not only for design and function, but also for storage areas ranging from bedding for the night to family storage for night games. Nesting tables are a wonderful way to add extra seating with ingeniously designed benches hidden underneath the main table unnoticed until needed.

Two smaller tables placed side by side could work better than a large, voluminous coffee table. Glass, or coffee tables designed with metal frames and feet occupy less space physically and visually; when space is limited.

Tips for Frugal Home Decor

In today? S economy, no article would be complete without some frugal home design tips. There are ways to find deeply diminished furniture that you may not know. Although these sources may need a few handyman touches, you can find some good deals without compromising on quality. These sources of savings are:

  • Craig's List – If you live near a military base, it's the perfect resource for finding furniture for sale families in motion who need to go down. Cut.
  • Model Homes – Sometimes you can buy furniture right out of the house, especially in newly built homes that have sold most of their new home inventory. Rather than picking up and moving this staging furniture, they will be happy to sell it at drastic discounts.
  • Scratch and Dent Rooms Furniture Store – If the store does not have room with these slightly damaged scrap, inquire about its delivery warehouse. The great deals are found there, the only take is that you have to ask.
  • Storage Unit "Yard Sales" – Although storage salons have increased the interest of publications in practice to buy the content of abandoned storage units, there are still managers who will organize furniture sales. Some of these sales are advertised in the local newspaper, others are not. You may need to visit or call individual storage providers in your area to find out when their next sales event will be.
  • Repurposing – With a bit of imagination, you can reuse an old discarded piece of furniture to serve as a coffee table.

For great examples of photos, visit the link at the bottom of this article.

So before you shop for a coffee table, determine your design style, establish the lifestyle habits of those who are at home and determine the availability of space. By using these basic purchase guidelines, you will find the perfect coffee table for the needs of your home.


Source by Sue E Krippner

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