Color coordinate fixations for maximum impact on interior design


Your home is full of fixtures and buttons that can enhance or contrast with the interior design style of your home. The form features must match the rest of your furniture for their level of sophistication, but the finish and color must also. It's not uncommon for people to choose a bold style faucet, for example, with a chrome finish that is not usually stylish enough in an upscale home. It can also be difficult to coordinate with other devices such as lighting and buttons. By changing the finish, you will notice a much more consistent look. Let's take a look at some finishes and colors and see how we can coordinate with them for a high-impact interior design.

Chrome is easily the most popular finish for faucets. It is resistant to stains and scratches and can be made clean. It is commonly used in medium-sized homes and is a reliable safe choice with respect to certain finishes. Chrome can be matched with buttons and lighting, but the moment you start using a lot of chrome, you start to draw your modern design style. It's great if you have a modern style but making it work in a bungalow will be a challenge.

Brushed nickel is similar to chrome but softer and much easier to coordinate among fixtures. And he does not scream the same way as chrome. Another advantage is the matte finish which does not show fingerprints and dust compared to high polished finishes.

Bronze is one of my favorites because it works well with a number of fixtures. It looks elegant as long as it is used with a sophisticated design style. If you combine it, the simplistic style may seem cheap. Bronze comes in a number of minority color variations making it flexible to work in your design style. The darker shades of bronze will also tend to focus less on the fixtures and more on your other furniture.

Polished brass has made a comeback in recent years and is superb with traditional styles. Unlike most other finishes, polished brass requires the most maintenance. This finish says elegant and in the exact style, it can be very Victorian.

Bright gold is the world's champagne fixtures. He makes a statement and all the devices made with him appear. This requires thinking lighting to make the most of it. Go ahead and make your statement, just make sure your home is stylish enough to wear the look.

If you're ready for a serious color, you can even try painted finishes. Be careful because a little color goes far, but you will appreciate the total flexibility of the color provided by the paints. You may have special pieces to get what you want, but the painted accessories will be a unique conversation starter.

Whatever color you choose, do not forget to perpetuate it throughout your home. Coordinate the entire house from the towel rails to the drawer pulls for the kitchen faucet. When everything is coordinated, your home will be thoughtful and sophisticated, regardless of the style of design.


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