Commercial Interior Design: 6 Unique Ways to Animate Your Office


Why are our residential design clients often overflowing with new ideas for their home, while our commercial or workplace design clients seem to be stuck in the early stages of design?

you can do with a commercial space, people do not know where to start! Customers are usually more familiar with interior design and may ignore the potential for individuality in the workplace. Here are six major areas to consider when designing a single commercial space:

# 1. Color

Do not be afraid of color! Many people equate a "professional" feel with shades of white or gray. However, professionals do not necessarily have to say stark. A good design that is "fired" will always have a professional look and adding color will only add interest. Use the color as you would at home. If you did not think twice before painting a wall of your living room with your shade of deep purple, why not do it in the office? Better yet, choose a hue that embodies the character of your organization. Bright or unexpected colors will energize tired employees and help nervous patients forget where they are. Bright, calm colors can also be unexpected and create a serene, spa-like feeling.

# 2. Lighting Fixtures and Fixtures

Use various light sources and lighting fixtures. A lighting plan consisting entirely of built-in boxes will quickly make an industrial office feel boring and "typical". Try to present unique pendants for decorative purposes. Removing the lighting from the ceiling eliminates the institutional feeling. Likewise, as the lighting fixtures themselves, the light on a surface can be as decorative as the art. Use the light to highlight an area or simply to create a pattern on the wall. A colorful light grazing a wall can also add a special touch.

# 3. Textures

The use of multiple textures will prevent a space from feeling flat and even. Rather than treating each surface with a coat of paint, try wall coverings such as wood slats or embossed panels or unique materials such as concrete, cracked glass, etc. Be sure to balance your textures – use similar materials on opposite walls. the ceiling and the floor are related to the color or texture of the room.

# 4. Unexpected Forms

Unique shapes make an original and memorable space. Curves and waves, for example, are fashionable and contemporary and are often unexpected in the world of long corridors, ceiling grids and angular cells. Elongated triangles and sharp angles are bold and attract attention. Patterns, such as those found in perforated metal, add character. Use curves and other unique shapes where you usually do not see them: flooring patterns (such as carpet transitions), ceilings and partitions, painted surfaces, partitions, etc.

# 5. Space Dividers

Space dividers keep the floor planes unobstructed and unattractive, and they come in infinite forms. Use translucent dividers such as glass or screens to keep an open and light space, and opaque or solid spaces for greater separation. In addition to stand-alone products marketed as dividers, many unconventional items can be used to break large areas: fabrics or curtains, stretched canvas (see the ultra-unique company Juxtaform) or furniture. Some soft items, such as the "Gather" line of Allsteel, are intentionally designed to create new "pieces" in larger areas.

# 6. Decorative Glass and Acrylic

Everything shining or shining in a commercial space acts as "bling" – people remember these keys in the same way they remember the jewels. The great thing about decorative glass or acrylic (3Form, for example) is that it can be used to introduce several unique elements into your space at once: pops of color, a smooth surface or a score, a uniform texture. Glass with inlaid materials, such as metal, bubbles or natural particles, makes a real statement and can contribute to the visual "theme" or character embodied within your organization.

With the help of a designer, you can find ways to shine the personality of your business, which will inevitably lead to an exceptional and exciting space!


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