Common Acne Treatments That Work Perfectly


To identify which acne treatments work, it is best to understand the underlying causes. Our skin is made up of pores that secrete oils and wastes and absorb nutrients. Since pollutants abound everywhere, pores are easily blocked by dirt and bacteria. Dead skin cells also contribute to an additional obstruction. As the blockage builds up, the infection sets in and causes inflammation of the skin, or acne. Bad hygiene habits such as not washing your face or putting on makeup at the end of the day, constantly touching our faces with dirty hands contribute to the onset of acne. Inside our body, hormonal changes and a poor diet can inadvertently cause acne breakouts.

Since hygiene is an important factor, the simplest acne treatments that work are pore cleansers. As some products contain alcohol that dehydrates and can irritate sensitive skin, carefully check the ingredients well in advance. Alternatively, apply to another part of your body to test for a possible skin reaction.

There are skin products that focus on specific areas of oil production. Even those who have dry skin can suffer from acne because the outer dermis may seem normal while the inner layer is clogged. These products, available as creams, mousses, gels, lotions and solutions, claim to regulate the production of oil and reduce blockages in the pores. Hormonal imbalance can also be controlled by hormonal therapies to reduce peaks and troughs.

More recent technologies have introduced heat and light treatments for specific areas of the skin. They normally work best for those who have mild acne over a short period of time.

Apart from external help, maintain good hygiene and nutrition. Wash your hands before touching your face or avoid contact to eliminate the transfer of dirt and bacteria. Follow a daily cleansing and hydrating regimen of your skin to replenish nutrients and hydration.

Many products are available over-the-counter or prescription for people with more acute acne. Since there is not a single product that works for everyone, it's best to take a proactive approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and, hopefully, to keep the # 1 product going. 39, acne away as long as possible.


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