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The home-design software market has grown significantly in recent years. Demand for DIY designer programs has increased and software developers have responded by offering many applications from which to choose. Here are some of the most popular home design software on the market as well as a brief description of each.

Instant Architect

Instant Architect is a home design software designed and developed by IMSI Design. It is a computer-aided or computer-aided design program that caters to beginners. Although it does not have all the high tech features offered by most of its competitors, this program is still able to provide usable outputs.

Creating floor plans, multi-perspective views, cost estimates and designing gardens, bathrooms, kitchens, decks and entire homes are all available on Instant Architect. Novice users will certainly have a ball using this program as inspirational altitude drawings can be filled in as little as an hour. It also happens to be very affordable; users can buy the complete kit for only $ 30.

Home & Landscape Pro

Another CAD software developed by IMSI Design is Home & Landscape Pro. Compared to Instant Architect, this particular program is designed for the most advanced users. With many more features onboard, users can design landscapes, cost estimates, floor plans, as well as impressive 3D artwork using Home & Landscape Pro.

Although it has its share of advanced and complicated features, this program can still be used by novice designers. The user manual included in the kit is very useful and as long as it is thoroughly examined, users should be able to use a major part of the features included in this program. However, interested parties will have to shell out a lot more money for Home & Landscape Pro at a price of about 130 dollars online.

Home Designer Suite

Last, but certainly not least, on our list is a product of the team between Better Homes & Gardens and Chief Architect Inc. The result is a masterful design program that is simply called Home Designer Suite. Basically, this program is an integrated collection of advanced software tools that will help users to design landscapes, bathrooms, kitchens, various rooms and even entire homes. Included in its expansive database is over 1500 different sample plans, image galleries, design tips, as well as a myriad of simplified versions of the CAD tools used by the actual professionals. The Home Designer Suite can be purchased for about $ 100 online.


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