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Conservatories are really the "in" in the UK, and more and more, all over the world. It's easy to see why – light and bright, they add warmth and value to just about any home. Functioning as an indoor / outdoor entertainment area, a games room, a sun room and in some cases a greenhouse, the porches are a versatile and charming feature.

There are many conservatory styles and it is important to gather many conservatory design ideas before making a final decision on yours. Much depends on the style of house on which the lanai is being built. The purposes for which the structure is intended should also be taken into account in the context of the equation. The two most common types of winter gardens installed are the Victorian and Georgian winter gardens.

Victorian Conservatories

Victorian conservatories are the most popular choice in the United Kingdom. The design is essentially rounded, giving the structure attractive and quaint lines. They can however be modified to include a link section, which is a rectangular addition. It still retains the rounded end. Most Victorian verandahs have sloped roofs, as opposed to flat roofs and the design is characterized by facets or bays, giving a traditional look. Typically, Victorian verandas are built on two-storey houses. This is because the roof starts high enough on the support wall. While Victorian conservatories are the most popular, there are many other interesting alternatives that could be used. Georgian conceptions, although aesthetically different, have many of the same characteristics as their Victorian cousins.

Georgian Conservatories

Georgian conservatories have a very different form. Boasting elegant, soft lines, the lanai is more modern and minimalist than the Victorian design. It is also less picturesque and therefore suitable for a very different type of house. With square corners, as opposed to round corners, it has simple squared and square windows and is the ideal shape for a furnished veranda, due to the practical form of the walls. The Georgian shape maximizes the available space for entertaining purposes.

Design of an Inner Conservatory

The design of the outer structure of your porch is purely an aspect of its construction. The interior is also important if you want to turn the room into a pleasant living space. The materials used in the construction of the winter garden are also important.

The control of temperature must be considered in all seasons. While the summer sun can discolour furniture and overheat the room, there is also a good chance that the room will be horribly cold and unpleasant during the winter months. Ventilation can prevent overheating while the good choice of glass can provide UV protection and room insulation, making your lanai a pleasant environment all year round.

Regarding the interior, the most important decisions to make relate to the flooring and curtains or blinds that the owners choose to install. Once the flooring is chosen, it is difficult to change. Although window coverage is easier to change, it is a profitable exercise and it is best to make a well thought out decision in the first place.

Alternative flooring is an integral part of the porch design. Options include wood floors, concrete floors, carpets or tiles. Carpets are not recommended because they interfere with the outside feel of the lanai. Smooth concrete flooring is convenient in some ways because it is easy to clean. It is however cold underfoot and does little to improve the aesthetics of a room. While tiles are aesthetically pleasing, they are also cold and the costs associated with keeping the room warm in the colder months are likely to increase unless you choose underfloor heating. On the other hand, wooden floors are hot underfoot. They also look charming and are easy to clean. A popular choice in many modern conservatories; wooden floors are a great option.

Consider Your Options Carefully

Faced with many possible conservatory design ideas, it is important that the owners consider them all in order to avoid regretting the decisions that are made. they take. While a porch is a charming addition to many homes, the style and furnishings must be in keeping with the character of the home. With so many options available today, homeowners are spoiled for choice.


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