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Cosmetics can work wonders for most women. There is so much to choose from. Between having an infinite amount of colors and shades and places to put makeup on your face, the possibilities are endless. It takes a little practice to make up properly.

Most women start at a very young age. I remember having my first makeup kit at age seven. Okay, it was mostly shiny and light and light pink lip powder. No lining for the eyes or mascara so I can get out my eyes. It's fun to have cosmetic parties and apply makeup to all your girlfriends, it's the best way to train with the colors. That's how many professional makeup artists have had the passion for that.

I think I'm pretty good at applying cosmetics but I really love having the chance to do my professional toilet. The department store's cosmetics counters are doing a good job, but personally I prefer to make a makeup artist who makes models for their photo shoots.

When I got married, I booked a makeup artist for all the maids and myself, it was the best cosmetic work we have ever had, and the price was reasonable. If only we could all do our makeup professionally all the time. Cosmetics are fun but I warn to be dependent on them. There are foundations that can make you break out if you have sensitive skin, but there are others that will improve your complexion.

Also, if you wear makeup every day, you could become addicted to cosmetics. If this happens then you will not want to miss a day without them, but then people will not think special when you really need to get dressed someday. Always keep your cosmetics light and fresh, try new colors and new styles of application. There is a ton of self-help and how to make books for make up .


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