Cosmetic Surgery Procedures That Are Popular But Not Necessarily Effective or Proven


Up to a few years, cosmetic surgery means discussing privately with the doctor about the procedure in detail, then deciding at a slow "leisure" pace on what type of treatment to undergo. But today, with scientific advances and ongoing research in the field of cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgeons have been busier than ever.

The number of patients wishing to undergo the latest cosmetic surgery treatments has increased by considering. In fact, many want to do it simply because their friend has said good things about it or that they have seen it on TV or discussed it at the beauty salon. The problem with such an impulsive decision is that patients do not even research whether proper tests have been done to assess its effectiveness or whether it has the necessary certificates and approvals from government agencies to ensure safety. Often, the result is irreversible damage to the patient. Here are two of these treatments you should know because many women want to suffer but do not know the facts.

Facelift "Vampire"

As macabre as it may seem, this treatment was first popularized in 2009 as an effective anti-aging measure. The treatment consists of injecting pale yellow blood plasma from the patient himself into the areas surrounding the mouth and eyes. This technique was initially used to encourage healing in patients who had orthopedic surgery. However, there is no evidence that it can be used as an effective facelift or that it has obtained the approval of a government agency. Although some of the doctors may claim that plasma growth factors stimulate collagen production, there is no study or documentation to prove its authenticity. In addition, some cosmetic surgeons fill hyaluronic acid called Juvederm plasma before injection, which causes confusion as to which ingredient is actually plumping the area.

Laser Liposuction

A treatment that takes on the appearance of a wild fire in people looking for a thinner silhouette, this is a scientific advance of the traditional method of liposuction. And although many patients have undergone successful laser liposuction treatments, there are those who have suffered burns, hard tissue, large scars, and prolonged pain, especially if performed by a cosmetic surgeon.

Some other cosmetic surgery procedures that are popular although there is a wide field of research and analysis are the stem cell lift, Sculptra and Artefill (lips), silicone cheek implants , Ulthera, fat injections (to improve breasts), brachioplasty and laser Zerona (fat fusion).


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