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No matter the source of your foundation problems. Whether it is water, settlement, uplift or a combination of these factors, foundation repair is a problem that needs to be taken seriously. Signs may be water in the basement, cracks in drywall, cracks in the basement or concrete slabs or even poorly aligned doors and windows. When these signs are noticed, your first thought becomes – What are these repairs that will cost me?

Unfortunately, this question is difficult to answer and can not be answered by a general statement. Do you need wall cracks in the basement? Do you need anchor anchors or carbon fiber support to bend the basement walls? Does the foundation of the slab run or heat? There are many questions that must be answered and must be answered by a basic expert such as a foundation engineer or a qualified foundation repair contractor. These services can range from free for a notice to several thousand dollars for a boring survey and a full report of professional engineers. Typically, foundation repair contractors offer their opinions for free or for a small fee based on the details. Professional engineers can be hired to protect you through the repair process for a few hundred dollars to a full report and soil analysis for $ 2,000 – $ 2,500.

Now that we have determined the cause of the damage and the repair method that best suits your home, it's time to hire a qualified repair contractor. The trend here is to look for the lowest bid. The problem is that the lowest bid does not suit you if the entrepreneur is not qualified or uses basic methods of repairing foundations. If you hired an engineer, he can help you with the process of selecting the contractor and may even have a list of preferred contractors.

So we have our engineer and he helped select a qualified expert in foundation repair. You are now able to determine the cost of your repairs. Here is a list of typical repairs and a range of costs associated with each repair method.

  • Crack Injection – $ 400 – $ 600 per crack
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcement – $ 350 – $ 500 per strap
  • Anchor to Ride or Wall – $ 400 – $ 650 per slot
  • Piers of retaining – $ 650 – $ 2100 per jetty (wide range due to different construction standards across the country)
  • Improved Sump Pump – $ 700 – $ 1500

Recall- the costs associated with repairing your foundation are related to security issues and the reduced value that would have been associated with an unrepaired foundation. The overall repair bill can be $ 1,000 – $ 10,000, but if the repair of your home decreases the value of more you will have money in advance. While having foundation problems may seem overwhelming, the process can be quite painless unless you do not follow the steps above. Inappropriate repair methods or repairs done by my unskilled contractors can create bigger problems than your current situation. Remember, if you hire an independent engineer you have an expert on your side who will look after your best interests.


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