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It is incredibly rare these days to find the real prices of replacement windows on the website of a company. If you call the company and ask for their prices, it is likely that they will try to dodge the issue and insist on planning a while to go home.

The reason is that sales are based on the same business model as car sales, or RV, or any item where these lucrative commissions are involved. This article originated from a person who has been working in the industry for several years, both in home sales and in sales management. This article comes from a person who is tired of the disappointment involved.

The mission, therefore, is to reveal to the public the real cost of replacement windows, without lint.

The cost of replacement windows

Companies develop relationships with window manufacturers so that they can get the best possible offer on windows that They buy. This usually ends up costing the company the window anywhere from $ 120 to $ 170 per window, depending on whether it's a double panel window, A window with three shutters and how many extra extra factors the window had.

Yes, it is true that windows are like any other product, and there are good windows and bad windows. Some windows actually have better materials and better craftsmanship, which ensures that they last longer and work much better for a much longer period. Yet the cost of the basic materials for a windows business will never be higher than $ 200.

The work involved to install a window varies from $ 50 to $ 150. A man 's show can be sent without paying from $ 50 to $ 60 because it has little or no overhead, ie no office staff, no Huge marketing costs, etc. One caveat is if you pay only $ 50 / win for installation, This probably means that you do not get the exterior siding with vinyl. Most businesses will be $ 80 – $ 120 per window for installation, and this will also include the overlay of the exterior trim. It really adds the finishing touch to the window and makes it more enjoyable.

So the overall cost of the company for windows is $ 170 – $ 300, depending on the quality of the window and if it is a crew man and a large Company of windows.

Then, of course, the profit must be realized. Window companies will mark windows of at least 50%, up to 200%. This may become unworthy. For the same exact window, a home owner working with a business could pay $ 350, and another homeowner, for the same window, could pay $ 850.

The fact is that the BUYER STILL IMPORTS !!


Source by S J Adams

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