Couples Making Love Positions – Positions For Better Love Making


In the Kama Sutra manual, he recorded different types of love-making positions that couples can adopt during sex. Some of the love positions stimulate more than others and it will be good for you to try them out with your partner.

1. The clip. This position is very easy to execute and brings a lot of pleasure to both partners. The man will lie down with his legs extended. The woman will sit astride him and lean back, so that the man can play with his clitoris while she controls the pushing motion. The man can simply relax and enjoy sex.

2. 90 degrees. This position is better to be performed on a table, with the woman lying on it and the buttocks at the edge of the table. The man will then enter it upright. This position is ideal for the man to caress her breasts as well as her clitoris. The woman should wrap both her legs on the waist of the man and pull him towards her. This will increase the pressure and give both partners stimulating pleasures.

3. The dog. This is a classic love position and it is very stimulating for both partners. This position begins with the woman getting on all fours, using her forearms to support herself. The man will penetrate it from behind, controlling the thrust movement of the hips. This position will bring a lot of pleasure to both partners because the deep penetration will not only grind and stimulate the vaginal wall, but also the G-spot.

You should explore more positions of love with your partner for spice up objects

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