Creative Ideas for Family Christmas Gifts


Christmas is coming and many are looking for gift ideas. You do not want to give just "anything" to your family this year … and you? We did not think so! Try these fun and creative gift ideas for the great Christmas gifts they will be talking about all year long. Your only problem? Come with something even better for next year!

Send a mother to a spa for a massage or a facial can be expensive. A great bargain hunter secret is to look for a massage school in your area to see if their graduate students (or last year) are giving massages. Often they do it and at a reduced rate! It's a great way to give mom luxurious spa treatment without this expensive price tag.

Most people have enough "things". What they really miss are things that intrigue them and teach them something that they can enjoy and enjoy. For many family members consider giving the gift of a gift certificate for a course. There are many types of courses that are not too expensive, try continuing education at your local college or high school for a wide variety of courses. Or local crafts or knitting shop for craft classes. A class can introduce them to a new hobby or activity – or help them deepen an interest that they already have.

Plan a fun activity for the whole family to celebrate Christmas – instead of giving an "ordinary" gift. Try to get tickets for a theater show or a dance show. There are many Christmas themed performances that are fun for families or couples. The Nutcracker is one of the most popular but there are many others.

Want to make love with your husband or wife? Try to give them dance lessons to remind them of your days of wooing. Spend a few weeks learning salsa or fox-trot and you will have so much fun that it will be like going to your first date. Dance classes can be private or group, many dance programs organize parties for their members.


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