Critical Thinking: Do Some Feminists Need Therapy?


If a woman was asked to talk about what she believes to remember in life, she can say that it is herself. What this could then show is that it has an internal locus of control.

On the other hand, another woman might be asked the same question, and she could say that they are men. As a result of this, he is likely to show that he has an external locus of control.

A Difference

When it comes to the first woman, there is the chance that he will perceive himself as an individual, as opposed to being part of a group or group of people. 39, a movement. In other words, she will be a woman but, above all, she will be a human being.

However, when it comes to the second woman, there is the possibility that she is a "feminist". Being part of this movement may then take precedence, and it may not even come to the idea that she is a person

The Main Thing

Therefore, she will be part of the human race, but above all, she will be a woman. It can then be as if it were part of a different species, this species being women.

Her main concern will be to do what she can to improve the lives of herself and her compatriots, and not what she can do to help humanity in her world. his outfit. It may be as if women were living in their own bubble and the only way to help them would be to focus solely on their concerns.

Shinning the Light

At the same time, a woman could have an internal locus under control and still be a feminist, but if that is the case, it is unlikely that she behaves in any way. the same way as a feminist who has an external locus of control. Having a locus of internal control will allow someone to feel like he's in control of his life, while an external locus of control will not do it

In this light, if a woman At an external locus of control, she is it will not be a surprise for her to believe that men control her life. She will feel completely helpless, so there will be absolutely nothing she can do directly to change her life.

A Power Struggle

Feeling so helpless, one can expect that it will be part of a movement; This will allow her to avoid what she feels. If she had to stand as an individual, for example, it would not happen.

The power that she feels, as part of this movement, will be achieved by having power over others. She can then call herself a "feminist" and have a righteous look, but she can not be different from someone who controls others.


But while there will be people who will see that she needs to develop an internal locus of control, she is unlikely to realize it. There is a good chance that she is not even aware of how she perceives life.

This could just be seen as the truth, meaning that she will have the right to control men; with the help of other women and men. It will be black and white, with women being the oppressed and men being the oppressors.

Selective Perception

A woman like this will wear invisible glasses that will make her see through the lens of the genre. It does not matter that there are moments in the life of every man and woman when they have good and bad times, or that there are women on this planet who are much more "privileged" than many men.

For example, the education system and / or the media are not the subject of intensive propaganda. It's not a surprise for her to see life that way. After all, human beings do not see with their eyes; they see with their minds.


For a woman to believe that all men have an easy life and that all women are oppressed / victimized, he will have to put men on a pedestal. Seeing men this way, it is then normal for her to believe that they have an easy life.

When something like this happens, it's usually a sign that someone is trying to avoid what he or she feels. The reason for this is that it is a defense mechanism, which is something that the mind uses to disconnect from the emotional pain that arises from the body.


It does not take much effort to see that a woman will suffer if she believes that she has no control over her life. Subsequently, she is likely to have a lot of suffering in her that needs to be avoided.

By having this perspective and wearing that pain, she is going to have a victim energy about it, and that will cause her to attract things that validate what she believes. But as she is attached to what is going on in her and unable to observe her inner world and, therefore, to see how her inner world is affecting her outside world, what she lives will be just considered a further proof of what she believes to be the truth.

A Barrier

She will be nothing more than an observer of her reality and it will be up to men to change. One of the big problems here is that this type of behavior is supported by the dominant society.

Not only are people in general not encouraged to take responsibility for their own lives; It is socially acceptable for a woman to blame men for all her problems. Men are then so "privileged" that they must endure being constantly attacked and considered the root of all problems.

A deeper look

If a woman has an external locus of control, there is a chance that there was a moment in her life when she felt extremely helpless and helpless. This moment, or a number of moments, would have led her to believe that she had no effect on the outside world.

The fact that she has a problem with all men can show that it was a man who made her feel around here. What happened with a man would then have continued to define how she perceived all men.


This could be something that occurred when she was a young child; maybe her father abused her one way or another. What she will feel as an adult then will be what she felt when she was a child, and her beliefs about men will also be formed during this period

Ergo, in recognizing what happened all these years ago, it is not possible for her to live in the present. This period of her life is long gone, but she keeps it alive by not working with the pain and beliefs that have formed.


If we lived in a society that encouraged self-awareness and took responsibility for our own problems, there would be no reason for an adult woman to have a locus of control external. There is nothing empowering to be so, and the fact that feminism often encourages women to consider themselves victims is certainly a clear sign that this is not necessarily there for their sake. do good.

helpless and as if she had no control over her life, it might be a good idea for her to work with a therapist or healer. By dealing with the trauma that is in her, she will take the necessary steps to become an autonomous person.


Source by Oliver JR Cooper

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