Curtains and blinds – Considerations in the home


Windows in your home may not be the first thing you think when you consider furniture or design, but these are often The first focal point that people will see and of course let the light that shows your designs. The way you present your windows, from painting decorating the frame to the drapery used around it.

So it is important to have the right window that suits not only the style you chose for the piece but also the goal that it and the room itself serves. Although the cost is always to be considered, you can usually find a style tailored to your needs in most budget spectra. Here are some ideas on how you can use curtains and blinds in your home.


As mentioned previously, the nature of the piece must be taken into consideration. It is therefore of a practical and also A style when making decisions. You should look at the rooms for those you know, a curtain is the only option and then the type of impact you are looking for. Some examples are below:

Salon – This is where you entertain not only people but also where you spend a lot of your time off. So you want something that appeals to you and not merely in the background. Do you want the light curtains to enter in light or dark tones to give you a black out for these movies late at night? Strong colors to add to the colors in the room are often favorable. You

Dining Room – This is a room usually reserved for entertaining in most homes, so you can really choose a curtain for This sole purpose. Unlike the living room, this is not a daily room, so if you want to give some impression to the guests, this is the room that can be a presentation issue.

Rooms – In a room, it is a room where taste and functionality are taken into account. Most rooms will have a color scheme or theme and it is important that the curtains fit nicely. However, in a bedroom, the main cause of a curtain is to turn off the light. Heavy or lined curtains, of course, work well here (and are essential if you want a light colored curtain) or of course, the darker curtain can turn off the light.

Of course, this is not just the type of curtain that determines its appearance – the curtain rail or post can definitely add to a room. A rail can be hidden so that only the curtain is displayed, or you can choose bold curtain poles that will stand out as a feature.


Shades are not only a very necessary option in many parts; They often offer the convenience and flexibility that curtains are unable to. You can easily open and close blinds or have them at any level of opening you want. But it is true to say that in some rooms a blind can not add the look that a curtain can. For example, a large blind in a salon would not compare to some thick velvety curtains. There are two main rooms for the blind:

Kitchen – Many people choose to have blinds in the kitchen for practical reasons. Curtains could be a fire hazard in a kitchen and you do not want any at all hanging material in a kitchen. The kitchen is usually confronted with the morning sun and this could easily cause sunblinding of the curtains over time, which of course will have an effect on their appearance. The kitchen also generates a lot of heat and often steam, so the drapery is not the choice. Blinds that can be erased and opened completely are the best option.

Bathroom – Another room where there is a lot of moisture due to baths and showers. The condensation on the curtains obviously would make the curtains in ruins. They would start to become damp, then to mold and mildew which not only ruins the curtains but is bad for health. In the bathroom and many people choose a wooden awning to facilitate wiping / cleanliness while having good look.

You can also have both! In a room, it is possible to choose the two options or even the opposite choice to the norm. The main thing is to think about the style you want to promote and the impression you want to inspire.


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