Custom Homes – The storage space can make or break a new home design or addition to the home


Where are we going to put everything? This is a common question when you are looking to buy a new home that does not have adequate storage or storage space. People like their thing but hate the clutter. This is a problem that is best solved at the design stage.

As the population ages and the size of homes tends to decrease, storage space becomes infinitely more important when designing a new home or a new home. Even if you do not see the need for it personally, it is best to keep in mind the resale value of your home.

People like to save! And with time, people's things accumulate and they become more attached. They will not buy a house without the storage space they need.

Send a clear message to your designer or architect

Over the years I've worked with people as they retrieved their new home or home concept Addition to the house on their paper, I learned that it is often difficult to convey their real needs to an architect. Their desire for space and cleanliness is eclipsed by the "flicker" of the more visible and tangible aspects of a home's design.

You must specify what you want. Do not leave storage space to the designer without clearly stating what you want and why. Then let your designer use his creativity to achieve it.

Storage Specific Considerations

I hope you are convinced of the importance of creating sufficient storage! Here are several ways to solve storage problems in the design of your home.


The size and number of closets are critical. Walking in the cupboards, if possible, are the best. Hallway closets are always desirable. Consider interior cabinet designs as well that really maximize the storage and use capabilities of closets.


The size is not as important as the value of having one. But the smaller the pantry, the greater the need for an excellent design of space. Separate rooms are desirable but cabinet pantries can also work.


The laundry room is not often considered a storage space but usually ends up as a storage room! For this reason, it is wise to design laundry by thinking of storage.


Cars, boats, recreational vehicles and other recreational vehicles can really clutter your property without planning for storage. A beautiful design can make these "toys" disappear. In addition, with forward, you can design in additional storage for other items at the same time.


Many new homes and some markets do not have basements and attics. If you're designing a new home or new addition, look for ways to use them because they can be very useful for storage. And be sure to design easy access to them.

Convenience and Resale Value

Keeping storage space at the top of your list of priorities will prevent the design of your home from degrading. If you leave it to an afterthought, it will become all you think about later. Do not let this happen to you!


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