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cystic acne home remedy is an advantage for all those who are in urgent need of zapping these unsightly zits. Cystic acne is a more serious version of acne or common pimples and is visible as lumps or boils filled with liquid on the surface of the skin. It can be very painful and usually causes scars on the skin. So, this type of acne leaves an indelible mark on the faces of many teens – a brand that really demoralizes them by leaving them in society. However, these teenagers can have heart because Mother Nature provides effective remedies to all patients.

Essentially, remedies are classified as topical and internal. Topical treatments use ingredients such as honey, turmeric, baking soda, aloe vera, coconut oil and essential oils. Internal treatments include the use of zinc supplements and pantothenic acid.

Honey as is or mixed with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, salt and even aspirin applied to the face for 10-15 minutes not only reduces the size pieces but also scars. Turmeric as an anti-inflammatory agent effectively contrasts with inflamed acne. Baking soda is another topical ingredient that cures acne by absorbing the excess of sebum oil that can wreak havoc on smooth skin. The coconut oil mixed with aloe vera gel and with essential oils such as jojoba, lavender, tea tree and rosemary constitute an excellent cure for cystic acne that reduces the Swelling, redness and even scars that clear the skin. more.

With regard to internal remedies, zinc and pantothenic acid are used mainly because it is thought that the deficiency of these nutrients causes cystic acne. In fact, the effects of these supplements were observed just after a week of treatment that even works wonders on deep and painful acne. Usually 15-30 mg / day of zinc with copper and 10g / day of pantothenic acid are prescribed as supplements. Smaller doses are not preferred because they take longer to heal.

In addition to these cystic acne home remedies, it is necessary to ensure that you consume a balanced diet instead of stuffing yourself with fatty foods that aggravate this condition. Try as much as possible to de-stress yourself because stress is another major causative factor of cystic acne.


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