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This is a photo of my mother last summer during a cruise in Alaska. The mother is 84 years old and 85 years old in December. Does she look at him? No way! You bought to see her up close – her skin is perfect. She may have some "lines of age" (Never call them wrinkles!) But her skin is like (yeah, here's another cliche) "Sweet as a baby behind!"

They say that those with medium and dark complexions show the least age. I guess people with fair skin tend to wrinkle and sag more because of the dryness of their skin and their hair. So, I said it. I have no scientific research to support me. I have some examples though.

Since I was adopted at birth, I am told that my birth parents' ethnicity is Portuguese. I must take them at their word. I have a dark and reliable complexion, called "olive". My blue-eyed, blond-haired friends were always so envious that I did not have to sit and cook all day in the sun to tan. It happened – in fact, I preferred to stay away from the sun.

Growing up, my (adoptive) mother always screamed to take care of her skin. She said that if you continued to tan now, when you would have aged, your skin would look like leather. (Freaked out!)

She would always have the best products for the skin. Do you remember the department store "Furchgott"? She would go on a special city trip to Furchgott and ask the makeup artist to recommend products. Now, it's granted "back in the day" (the early 60's) when things were not overly prosperous. Still, she was coming home with a huge bag full of facial / skin products totaling in double digits!

And she would perform her "routine" religiously. Yes, she was a strict Catholic – but one thing has nothing to do with the other. LOL

Now I'm here – I just had my 49th birthday and I'm stumbling on my 50th birthday.

I have heard many times "You do not look so old – you look like your age in the 30s or early 40s." Okay, thanks for the compliment, but it's not a big shout, really. I guess I'll just have to act too! (pfft – as if I have not already done it!) I was quite the "hot tamale" in my twenties! And if I knew what I know now … well, that's another story.

So, I thought I had to share with you my daily routine of beauty / makeup, ritual, obsession – if any. my mother) on my teenager, Bree – constantly harassing her to take care of her skin and eat well.

Here is mine:

  1. Dove soap or cleanser
  2. Maybelline Medium to Dark Brown eyebrow pencil (I lost my eyebrows in 1976 and I draw them every day for 30 years. odd – no, I do not want tattooed eyebrows! really very old and senile – with those dark eyebrows and hair white like snow! Ew!)
  3. Moisturizer / lotion (Olay oil, but I prefer Jole simple Jergens – do not you like how Jergens smell?)
  4. Base: Cover Girl "Ultimate Finish" (liquid powder makeup, # 420 creamy natural)
  5. cream concealer (yellow – hides the bags under the eyes, dark beige for defects and contours)
  6. Powder – Oreal "True Match" (nude / beige beige)
  7. Pencil for the eyes (under the eyebrows, the lower corners of the eyes)
  8. Brown or black dk Eyeliner (soft) – lower lids
  9. Brown eyebrow powder Dk
  10. Lip pencil (usually dark purple)
  11. Blush (coral peach)
  12. Lipst ick / lipgloss


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