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Following the right skincare program for your skin type will help you clean, moisturize, tone and protect your skin every day. Keep in mind that you may need to make adjustments as the seasons go by. If, after following the program, you continue to have problems such as excessive lubricity, dryness or frequent skin reactions (redness, rashes), you may not have identified the good kind of skin. Or your skin type may have changed because of the weather. Refer to Chapter 1 and review the skin type information to make sure you have made the right choice. Also check if the products you use regularly are really suited to your skin type.

Oily Skin Program

"Clean your face two or three times a day with a gel or foaming cleanser.You can choose one containing glycerin, alphahydroxy acids or betahydroxy

" Apply an alcohol-free toner persists after washing

"Use a SPF 15 to 30 solar spray or gel, or an oil-free moisturizing gel.

"Wash your hair at least once a week Avoid applying hair oils or ointments near the head.

" Optional: Exfoliate every week with a clay mask or mud made for oily skin.

Combining the skin program

"Clean your face twice a day with a light nonsoap bar or a creamy cleanser.

" Apply an alcohol-free toner on the T zone (forehead, nose and chin) if the oil persists after washing.

"Use Sunscreen SPF 15 to 30, or an oil-free light lotion containing sunscreen, especially on the cheeks.

" Wash hair weekly Do not apply hair oils or ointments close to the forehead Wear the hair back of the face. "Optional: Exfoliate every week with a combination of masks made for oily skin on the T zone and the other moisturizing the cheeks.

Normal Skin Program

"Clean your face up to twice a day with a mild cleanser made for normal skin."

"Apply an oil-free moisturizer only when needed in cold weather."

"Use SPF 15-30 gel , or a lotion without light oil.

"Optional: Exfoliate every week with a mask made for normal skin.

Dry Skin Program

" Clean your face once a day with a creamy moisturizing cleanser. "

" Moisturize, then that the skin is still wet, with a rich cream or lotion twice a day or more.

"If you have not already done so, apply sunscreen to oil or cream, SPF 15.

" Optional: Exfoliate every week with a creamy and moisturizing mask.

Sensitive Skin

"Clean once or twice a day with alcohol-free cleanser and lanolin.

" Apply a light water-based moisturizer without alcohol, linoline, PABA sunscreen or perfume .

"Use sunscreen without PABA, without chemical, with SPF 15.

Optional: Exfoliate every week with a gel mask containing very mild ingredients, such as aloe

Hyperpigmenting skin

"Do not clean more than twice daily with alcohol-free cleanser and lanolin and lukewarm water.

"Apply a light moisturizer based on alcohol-free water, linoline, PABA sunscreen or perfume.

¬ĽUse a sunscreen without chemicals and without PABA with SPF 15.

Minimalist Routine

Many busy women of color do not have the time or desire to spend several minutes in front of the mirror every morning with a program that takes time. To minimize your daily routine, you only need two essential products. Shop for a cleanser designed for your skin type and moisturizer with sunscreen (just sunscreen for oily skin). You can complete the diet of this minimalist with weekly masks.


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