Dangerous Beauty Supplies


For many women, makeup and other beauty products are part of their daily routine. Some even feel "naked" without them. While a beauty regimen can be a fun building process and self-esteem, women who use everyday cosmetics need to know about the risk that these items may potentially have. It is difficult not to buy a product based on the price without the customer having a considerable income. When you browse the islets of your local pharmacy, your grocery store or even the upscale department stores, there are so many possibilities in beauty that it is very difficult to decipher which products are safer for you. But it is essential that you read the labels and ingredients carefully to know what you are exposing yourself to.

Hazardous Ingredients

Many beauty products contain questionable ingredients, some of which are even carcinogenic. This is especially scary instead that up to 70% of what we apply topically is absorbed into the body. So while the base you use every day is only placed on your face, if it contains harmful chemicals, these chemicals can wrap themselves directly into your bloodstream! Another danger problem with cosmetics is that they are not well controlled. In fact, of the 10,000 chemicals in beauty products, 89% have not been subjected to safety tests. The following chemicals that are common ingredients in cosmetics are classified by the EPA as carcinogens or toxins for reproduction.

o Phthalates

o Acrylamide

o Formaldehyde

o Ethylene Oxide

Other products contain things you would not even dream of rubbing your face, such that:

o Mineral Oil [19659002] o Vaseline

o Derivatives of Crude Oil

These ingredients are used to trap moisture, but they also trap toxins and do not allow the skin to receive enough oxygen. Insufficient oxygen delivery to the skin can lead to premature aging, which is exactly what products containing these ingredients are meant to prevent.

Other chemicals found in nail polish, perfume and hairspray contain a compound mimicking estrogen that can result in low sperm count, thyroid malfunction and breast cancer.

How You Can Avoid Harmful Products

As difficult as it may be to examine the ingredients of each product you consider buying, it is essential to avoid harmful chemicals. Opt for really organic brands. But do not trust the package. Check everything for yourself.


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