Dare to repair: Can you handle your water leak repairs after reading this?


Want to learn how to repair water leaks without using a plumbing service or simply use your new Apollo Precision Tools for small home repairs when your husband is not there ? If you are interested in using your ladies tool kit wisely, get yourself a copy of Dare to Repair : A Practical Guide to Repairing (Almost) Everything in the Home. 19659002] Written by two CIA brides who had to fend for themselves and learn domestic repairs while their husbands were on a business trip, this book is an excellent reference for handling small house projects by oneself or with a family.

Give me the specifications: How to organize the repair on demand?

Dare to Repair contains about 246 pages of content (the index begins on page 247), broken down as follows: Plumbing, Electrical and Large Appliances, Windows, Walls and Doors, and Home Security. Each chapter discusses the most common home repairs you may have to do at home or the experience of a friend in his own home.

  • Name of the repair: each repair is a subsection of the chapters. without fancy names that confuse you. In other words, you know what the name of the project is or what it aims to accomplish, because it is clearly labeled at the top of the page on which the project begins.
  • General Introduction and Narrative: Small paragraphs about the authors' experiences with the project at home helps you understand the basics of what the project entails.
  • Introductory Information: Detailed information on the repair and how it will help improve the quality of life of your home is provided transition to the concrete details to accomplish the job properly.
  • Itinerary and illustrations: Instructions are written in a second-person format with basic illustrations to help you identify key tasks. The story guides you through each step so you do not get lost, and the images include captions that help you understand the step or steps it refers to.
  • Tools needed: Usually on the second page under the instructions, you will see a small section about one inch in length that is cut off. This section of the tutorial tells you the tools you will need – and also includes a clever illustration of the tool.
  • Sidebar Tips: Several tutorials feature boxes that provide an additional useful tip to help you do the job more. effectively.

Who should dare to repair?

Dare to Repair is an excellent book for any woman with the right combination of spunk, courage and wit to face almost anything that needs to be repaired. his home. This book is a great gift and a lovely gift for the independent woman of your life.


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