Dark Circles Are Great Blow to Beauty


Dark circles under the eyes are a big blow for beauty. They can even turn a glam looking diva into an attractive one. Circles are very bad to watch. And in this, if your wedding is approaching, then certainly they will ruin your entire appearance on the wedding, if it is not removed. Brides must take great care of them. Dark circles are caused by many things like tension, inadequate sleep, busy schedule and so on. Whatever the reason, but your main goal should be to remove them. Do not worry, there are some methods to get rid of circles. Below are written some of them, refer to:

Tips to get rid of dark circles

Iron deficiency in food is one of the biggest reasons for black circles that occur. A healthy and nutritious diet is very important. It includes green vegetables, fruits and dairy products. The iron intake in the diet is the most important of all.

Poor sleep is the main reason for the appearance of circles under the eyes. Eight hours of sleep are needed daily for one person and also prevents dark circles. Not only does sleep forbid circles but also gives the eyes sparkle.

The lack of water also causes circles. A minimum of two liters of water a day is required by the body to keep the skin soft and fresh.

Natural whitening is very useful for removing circles. Potato juice is a natural bleaching agent. Take the juice in a bowl and dab cotton swabs and put the eyes on for twenty minutes. This is a very effective method for removing circles.

Cucumber juice is another effective bleaching method for removing circles. By removing the circles, the cucumber juice regenerates and gives a refreshing effect to the skin.

Tea water is another natural ingredient that helps greatly in eliminating dark circles. To make tea water churn tea leaves. After boiling the filter so that the leaves remove liquid and put the tea water in the refrigerator for cooling. After they get ice, wrap the tea ice cubes with a cotton cloth and keep your eyes on for twenty minutes. After removing you will not find dark circles.

Dough of milk powder and honey is also very beneficial for removing dark circles. Mix a teaspoon of powdered milk with honey and make a paste, then apply the paste on the eyes and let sit for ten minutes. Then wash with water, you will not find circles.

The sun's harmful UV rays also cause dark circles under the eyes, so always apply sunscreen lotions with SPF 30 before going out. Also wear sunglasses. These methods provide great protection against the sun.

Circles that remove cream come too. Apply daily before sleeping for best results.

If black circles do not go until the wedding day, use a concealer on them. They are better at hiding circles as they are made to hide facial flaws.

The circles on the face are just like the dark spot on the moon. Follow the tips above to remove them.


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