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Not all people have the same complexion and each complexion needs a make-up and particular beauty tips. In this way, it maximizes the beautiful features of the skin that you have. Since you start putting on makeup, make sure first of all what complexion you have, because what is good for the complexion is not for you if you have a dark complexion. There are different shades for dark complexions like deep black to olive and whatever the shade of the dark color of the woman, she can be gorgeous with specific beauty tips. Some of these tips include using earth tones, tan instead of blushing and choosing from a range of foundations.

So, if you have a dark complexion, here is how you choose your makeup kit:

Foundation and skin complexion

The beauty regimen for your dark complexion will start by choosing the right foundation shade that matches to your natural skin tone. If you are of Latin American or Indian descent, you most likely have an olive skin complexion and the best base for you is the one with shades of yellow-orange. These women also find a shade of green shade in the winters on their skin. To combat this, they need deep bronzing powder that will add warmth to their skin, as suggested by a tip from theknot.com. Foundations with a red-orange shade are perfect for those with medium-dark skin, while those with very dark skin will find a foundation with a slight blue tint that works favorably with their complexion.

It is also convenient to buy a foundation of a shade darker or lighter than the standard shade you need. The darker can be used to cover light spots on the face while the lighter is perfect for hiding brown spots under your eyes.


Then comes the choice of perfect lip shades for your dark complexion. A perfectly made pair of lips attracts attention on any face and so you should learn to apply lipstick properly. If you are a young woman, opt for the matte lipstick, according to lifelovebeauty.com. The same website suggests that creamy and shiny lipstick is better for older women to give them a youthful appearance. As for color, choose dark colors if your complexion is dark. It is therefore blackberry or burgundy for those who have a very dark complexion. Corals, mauves, pure beiges and plums work best for those with moderately dark skin. For a memorable evening look, choose shades of bright red. If the shades of your upper and lower lips are different, first apply a dark lipstick as a base coat on the lightest lip, then fill both lips with the same dark color tone.

Eye Shadow

Bronze and copper eye shadows go well for those with olive skin tones. For more color, they can choose shades of gold, blue or purple. If you have this skin and want to make a splash at a party, go for silver hues. But the shades you should always avoid are the yellow tones as they can make your skin look washed out. If you have a darker complexion, opt for dark plums and blackberries. Other eye shadows that look good are burgundy, anthracite, dark brown and copper.


If you have a dark complexion, do not blush with light tones; rather go for those who are darker to your complexion. The slight redness will give your skin an ashy look. For those with very dark tones, burgundy, pinks and reds are better to add color to their face. The use of tanning is also a great idea for them as it gives a nice glow. For those with olive or dark skin tones, the colors to choose are roses, soft plums, dusty roses and peaches. To go out at night, these women can choose a blush with a hint of gold.


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