Dating Tips For Men On Seducing Women Instantly


Following a few dating tips for men can really help you succeed with women. These tips will tell you exactly what you need to do to instantly seduce a woman and become physically intimate with her.

Apply The Right Tactic

Women are also carnal beings like men. It is right that men manifest this desire while women tend to be more reserved to express such needs. Women do not want men to think they are easy to get or are sluts, especially by agreeing to get fucked on the first date. Yet, this does not mean that women do not like this immediate intimacy. You will obviously be back if you just tell him that you want to sleep together. The key is to play some games of thought with her so that her thoughts and feelings are filled and teased. Sometimes before the end of the night, you will enter the bedroom and sleep in one another's arms.

Think Like It

When a man wants to sleep with a woman, the first idea that would probably come to him in the mind is to tell him directly. However, this straightness of men will not work with women. Therefore, you must think like a woman to be able to do things that will make her accept your desires. First of all, do not rush things. You should move and act slowly, but surely. This is because women can be very sensitive and intelligent. They know that what most men want, it is just going out with women so that their defenses are naturally always active.

Palm Playback

Palm Play is a game you can play. Being able to read and interpret the features of his palm will certainly entertain him. In addition, the palmar reading gives you the opportunity to touch it; but before that, make sure that she is already relaxed and comfortable with you. First look for how to read the palms so that you can use the terminology that will make your act credible to her. Whatever your predictions, they will most likely become the topics you can talk about.

Plan Your Trips

Planning should be the first step if you want to seduce her. When you invite him for an appointment, do not bring him to any of the restaurants you have in mind. Even if bringing him to a fancy restaurant will impress him, invite him to a dinner that you have specially prepared will be much better. Invite her not just by sending her a text message or calling her. Instead, give an extra effort by composing a letter or e-mail that will solicit it romantically. The letter alone can already send a tingling sensation to her heart and suggest that you are really serious to seduce her.

Give him a gift

Without the girl being a feminist, a gift will certainly be appreciated. Before the agreed date, make sure you have already bought and prepared a present. The gift does not have to be expensive or grandiose. Give him something you want, like a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers. If you've already gone out several times, you can be bold enough to show him a pair of sexy underwear. You just have to look at the contents of the box to excite and arouse it.


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