Decor Pet, or Interior Design for Cats and Dogs


"You Can not Design a Room Around a Cat" is probably the only note worthy of a second interior design television program called top design broadcast early in 2007 by Bravo TV.

But since 50% of homes have a cat or dog, such shibboleth must be disputed.

Without a pure white Persian cat, as Ernst Stavro Blofeld did in James Bond movies, you might have problems with a pure white minimalist interior.

At Art from the Start, we have seen many homes where pets have taken control and all attempts to maintain any form of interior styling have fallen along the way. It's sad and a wasted opportunity. However, not everything is lost if you want to make Sam, Sooty, Max, Spot or Tigger an integral part of your elegant and beautiful home.

Here are some ideas that will help your dog or cat to coexist with your beautiful interiors:

If your pet has access to the big world, dirt will be a problem. Likewise, if your pet is not trained at home, your expensive Chinese silk rug can irrevocably suffer.

There are two schools of thought:

Camouflage – Obtaining furniture that hides dirt and shedding hair. In other words, coordinate the fabrics with fur!

Expos̩ РMake sure the dirt and hairs are visible, so you have to vacuum and clean.

Personally, I like this latter because I would not expect my human house guests to sit on dirty furniture and find animal hair on their clothing.

Assuming you have pets in moderation (it is impossible to consider interior design if you have a free menagerie in your home), there are some practical tips that will help you.

  • When the animal enters the home, make sure to have hard surfaces inside and out. Place dirt rugs indoors and outdoors and wash them regularly. Turtle Mats sells (online) a range of mats specifically for this purpose. If you choose a hard floor surface, make sure it is smooth and that it is not textured or cracked.
  • Select an interior design that is inherently compatible with pets, for example, ceramic or wood floors with underfloor heating. Venetian blinds or other, rather than curtains along the length. Metal and glass furniture rather than expensive French polished wood legs that quickly become scratching posts.
  • Install inexpensive protective covers for expensive furniture. Use a fabric easy to clean regularly. To avoid tissue shrinkage problems, choose a non-shrinking material or wash your selected fabric several times before customizing.
  • Have an emergency cleaning kit on hand to deal with the unexpected (but inevitable) stains your pets will leave behind. Prompt treatment of stains before they penetrate or dry is the best tactic.
  • Make part of your home inaccessible to animals – most homeowners find it difficult, but this gives the animal a clear territory and minimizes the potential for dirt and damage in a living room or dining room formal.
  • Place areas reserved for pets (eg food, litter boxes and bedding) in a location away from dirt-sensitive furniture. Ideally place in a utility area with a hard floor easy to clean.
  • Get professional cleaners twice a year to clean carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture. This is crucial to get the maximum life of your furniture. The deer dirt sinks into the fabric the more it becomes difficult to remove.
  • Remove animal odors, by regular cleaning, and moderate use of deodorant. You will adapt to the smell but the house guests (of the human variety) will notice the smell immediately as they enter your home.
  • Finally, do not forget to wash and groom your cat or dog regularly, especially if it is moulting. This will keep your house cooler and cleaner than almost everything else.
  • Now, you and your pets can safely say that your house is at home.

    PS One last thing to remember is that when you come to sell your home, you have to clean it and deodorize it completely before you start showing potential buyers. Even though they are animal lovers, they will not want any dirt or odors.


    Source by Bronia Susczcienia

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