Decorate a boy's room with sports themes


Most boys love sports of all kinds. Some have a preference over another, and others like any type of sport. So decorating their room with a sports-related theme is a sure way to make them very happy!

The decoration of your little boy's room will depend a little on his age when you choose to redo your project. In most cases, once a boy arrives about five years old, decorating his room with accents and accessories related to the sport is a good bet because it will probably not need to be done. to be redecorated again for 10-15 years.

If you know for sure that the boy you decorate in the room loves a particular sport, then try to go there as the main theme.

If, for example, he loves football, then focus on creating a football decoration theme in his room. If he prefers basketball, then you should rather decorate this theme. If the boy is still young enough, he may not have a favorite sport yet. And if that's the case, then the safest is to sprinkle a few common ones in the theme. In this way, you can build on one or the other as the years go by.

Here are some simple and easy ways to turn your boy's bedroom into a beautifully decorated room with the main theme of sport:

1. Get sports related bedding. You can start by simply purchasing extra pillows in the shape of footballs, footballs and basketballs if you wish, or you can go on the whole range and get him and bedding set complete with sheets, duvet and pillowcases. Many bedding sets come with several sports in the design, and you can also find a lot that are sport specific too.

2. Put in a zone rug. Another easy way to turn your boy's room into a sports themed area is to simply lay a zone rug or two. You will find a few that look like a basketball court for example, and others that look like miniature soccer fields or football.

3. New lamps or shades. Buying new table lamps, floor lamps, or even wall lamps with sports-related themes is quite easy to do because they are very popular with men and boys. Alternatively, you can simply buy new lampshades to put on existing lamps that you use in the room.

4. Sports stickers, photos or posters. If the boy you are decorating is still young enough, then he will be sure to have decals and stickers related to sports all around his room. These can be set up using simple adhesive stickers that he can move at will, or you can put a sport-related wall border in place instead. If your boy is already in love with a specific sport or an athlete, then another great way to decorate his room is to hang pictures or posters.


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