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Does your Christmas tree look too old-fashioned? When it comes to decorating Christmas trees, there are some style tips to follow for them to be more modern and elegant.


This is because when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree, trends are turning more and more towards tall, conical forms rather than shapes. fat and round.

This style evokes the modernist trends of the 1970s and strangely, the large conical trees that were in favor during the Victorian era. It was Queen Victoria who insisted on the tallest tree possible for her living room and the narrow girth of the tree was also needed in order to place these tall slender trees in the Victorian homes. The same can be said of the "cozy" lofts and contemporary apartments that often have high ceilings but less floor space and are much more suitable for a thin artificial Christmas tree than for a more rustic version.

Spruce and fir trees are fine. They just have a thinner circumference than pines and cedars. When it comes to fake Christmas trees, more and more manufacturers are releasing artificial trees that fit more easily into our cramped urban lifestyle


Artificial and natural trees. Okay, so maybe real Christmas trees will never be old-fashioned, but if you're a bit snobby, then the trend is to an artificial tree in the wildest color you can find. Basically, the idea is to find a tree that looks like it would go well in Lieutenant O'Hura's room on Star Trek.

Every year, artificial trees are becoming more caricatural. You can buy them in a wide range of colors and in many different materials, including PVC, vinyl and foil. Thin artificial trees with wild colors are very popular with young people. Some sites sell Christmas trees that are nothing more than a spiral wound with pink and blue-yellow lights that are freestanding and simply mimic the shape of a Christmas tree.

The two most fashionable colors are probably red and white. The red trees have an offbeat look reminiscent of a bad photo of the Kodachrome of the seventies. However, this is part of their appeal. White artificial trees are simply beautiful, especially artificial trees prelit with branches that have shiny optical fiber tips.


One of the secrets to decorating Christmas trees is to be minimalist. To be really fashionable, stick to decorating the tree in one or two colors. For example, you can decorate a natural evergreen tree with only gold bows and natural crystals. A white Christmas tree is beautiful with Christmas balls of uniform size from top to bottom. An artificial blue sky tree could be decorated in monochrome with glass balls that are of a deeper shade of blue.

The minimalist approach also goes for the style of decorations you choose. Stick to one or two shapes to keep the appearance of the tree sleek and elegant. For example, forget round glass balls and choose conical glass balls and flat spheres only to decorate an entire tree. By the way, the craze for thin artificial Christmas trees is similar to the current craze for thin conical Christmas decorations. Conical decorations are very well identified with retro seventies styles.


One of the first rules of fashion and interior design is to break all the rules and apply to Christmas trees. It means deliberately ignoring Christmas traditions with the idea of ​​giving them a new dimension. For example, instead of using the classic angel or star as a tree topper, you can try to cover it with a jet of floating multicolored fibrous diodes or a pattern that you have built using Christmas rope lights. An interesting idea is to make a red velvet star and decorate it with peacock feathers, fake gems and gold bows.

Another way to break a traditional rule is to decorate your tree with one color. To be different, you can also forget to put the biggest decorations at the bottom and the smaller ones at the top, to put the big ones on the top and the smaller ones on the bottom. Another idea is to make all your Christmas tree decorations the same size.

A big trend that has dominated Christmas style and design in recent years is to hang your Christmas tree anyway, as long as it's not up. This consists of suspending it from the ceiling, suspending it laterally from the ceiling and supporting it against a wall.


One of the secrets of decorating Christmas trees is that the more personal it is, the better it is. . A good example is the chef who decorates his tree using only forks and plastic knives or the new mom who decorates his tree with baby bottles and toys. If you are celebrating Chinese New Year, you might want to decorate your tree with Buddha figures and fortune cookies.

Another great way to personalize your Christmas tree is to use baked goods. Tree ornaments made from pink and yellow gum balls and toothpicks are nice on an artificial white Christmas tree for example. Men of homemade bread and short breadmen would be fine with an artificial red Christmas tree.

A place to get inspiration is the candy store. Choose your favorite candies that you like kid. A smaller tree looks fantasticly decorated in candies wrapped in a leaf. However, again, the key is to be minimalist. Do not decorate the tree with seven or eight kinds of candy. Decorate it with two or three kinds to give it a kind of uniformity.

If you have not yet figured it out, one of the keys to decorating Christmas trees is repetition on a single theme. If you like teddy bears, decorate the entire tree with teddy bears and another design element, such as red glass balls. Keeping it simple but elegant is the key to decorating Christmas trees.


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