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Is there a more exciting and personal way to travel to the country than to go by car with a caravan or motorhome? You get the excuse of the open road while enjoying all the comforts of home. Some people enjoy a nice hotel room but you have to admit that they lack a personal touch and you can not take it with your next holiday destination lodges. The only complaint I've heard from people about caravans is the stereotypical image we all have. Fortunately, it is something that can be corrected.

Redesigning the interior of your caravan could not be easier. The small amount of space means minimal style, without clutter is probably the way to go. I prefer simple but elegantly colored colors, especially in a carpet. Opt for contemporary looks and colors that do not need constant cleaning. Some people have found that vinyl flooring works very well in some holiday parks because it can be cleaned in seconds.

I think some of the most beautiful caravans have unmotivated walls and are in the shade. White is often a bit too much, instead use off-white or neutral tones but hot as egg white or butterscotch. Mirrors add the feeling of more space to walls and doors. Remember to add a blind because of its simple design and ease of maintenance. The total blackout blinds are a good choice for those of you who are looking to sleep on your vacation stay.

Another way to have more fun during your vacation parks vacation is to dress up your caravan with small touches of the home such as clocks, frames and furniture such as cushions and covers. beds in a room of friends. Choose a bright color as the color of your accent and then use it through the rest of the elements of your caravan. This creates a unique look and also increases the feeling of space. Try not to add too many colors as this gives the appearance of a clutter. Try to extend the color to other rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom with towels, towels and bath mats in the same shade.

Regarding the type of furniture, I would spend a little more money for multipurpose items. This saves money in the long run and also gives you more room in the caravan. Recently, I just bought a sofa bed that also contains a storage space in the body so I can keep the bedding during the day. This saves a lot of space.


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