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Color can infuse a room with personality on a budget. Decorating with color creates a focal point in an apartment if you can not paint the walls. There are many ways to decorate with colors. Just be sure to use a coordinated color palette so that your piece has a distinct point of view instead of looking like a band of accessories on a table.

Furniture can be an area where you add a color. This is especially important if you want to prevent white walls from appearing bland, or you can not paint. If you live in a condo or townhouse, you can have the same lighting and flooring options as the rest of the neighborhood. Color is your opportunity to give your space a distinct flavor. When buying a sofa, choose a color that you can live with for a long time. This can be a neutral brown, black or white that will work with many different design styles. You can have a colorful sofa so that's your favorite color instead of a trend. Orange, red, purple or turquoise sofas may be fashionable, but they will quickly become obsolete. Be prepared to replace your furniture every few years if it is colorful. In the meantime, he will make a bold statement in your room.

A less permanent way to add color to the furniture is to use extra furniture. Paint extra chairs or kitchen island with sage or worn blue to add country style to a kitchen. Update the end tables in a living room with a fuchsia or orange paint. Night stands can get a layer of cream paint for a Zen feeling or cottage. Use color on smaller accent pieces like ottomans because these will be easier to change in the future.

Accents can transform the look of your room. This can be anything from pillow cases, sheets or a throw. Different layer, but coordinated throw pillows to give a sofa a touch of designer. Spend more money on your props if you do not decorate your room in between. Changing your accent pieces regularly means that your room will always be in fashion. This can be as simple as adding mosaic boxes to a bathroom counter or a row of glass bottles on a window sill.


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