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While searching for new bar stools, you have probably come across more than a few types of rustic bar stools. Crafted in styles ranging from Southwestern to Rocky Mountain, these charming stools can add charm and character to any home. With some clever decorating choices, you can add some rustic bar stools to your bar, even if you do not already have rustic furniture. By following these simple instructions, the beautiful set of stools that you have looked at can fit perfectly with the rest of your decor.

Add rustic stools to your home

Do not be intimidated by the distinct appearance of these bar stools, by wisely shopping, you can have them in your home without buying a complete set of furniture new.

* Take a key element in your current design and find rustic bar stools that mimic this element. Whether it's the unique curve of your sofa or the unfinished pine of your shabby chic coffee table, using this element to bring your design together, you can find bar stools that complement one another instead of confronting one another.

* Consider the cushions. By making cushions or finding cushions to match your curtains or furniture, you can mix your current decor with your rustic stools.

* Add them to your outside bar. Rustic outdoor furniture is perfectly suited to a natural environment. No matter what your style is inside your home, the outdoor bar stools are perfect in rustic wood and iron. Make sure when you buy your bar stools that they can withstand the elements on the outside.

* Choose bar stools with a more streamlined design if you have a very modern house. Rustic stools come in all shapes and sizes, so you have a wide choice of styles. Some have very clean lines and can very well integrate into a more modern home.

* Use a rustic bar stool as a clever table if you do not have a bar or if it does not fit in your bar. By moving the stool to another part of your home, you can enjoy the stool you saw without having to change bar.

Whether you choose rustic bar stools made of wood, wrought iron or horn, make sure you leave at least 12 inches from the bottom of your bar above your stool for adequate legroom. Give free rein to your imagination and create the appearance of your dreams.


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