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With unlimited possibilities available, table fountains can add beauty or unobtrusive grandeur to any room in your home. Fountains are a worthy investment even for those who are reluctant to spend money on aesthetics. Beyond a catchy appeal, you will find that fountains have practical health benefits.

Cascading water reduces stress by bringing a sense of tranquility into a room when it engages the senses – the sight, the sound and even the sense of smell. Research has shown that moving water can improve the quality of the air by cleaning the room of dust particles and working as a humidifier. Fountains also do the following:

Table fountains soothe the soul with natural outdoor sounds.

Table fountains provide a visually appealing focal point to a family room or home workspace.

Table fountains filter sounds like the sound of a computer, a refrigerator buzz or telephone conversations in an adjoining room.

Table fountains provide aromatherapy when the candle is included in the design.

Options include table fountains, floor fountains and wall water fountains. You can find a table fountain to complement your current decorative choices. Much more interesting than a table lamp and more attractive than a decorative candle holder, these practical-sized fountains eliminate the banal. Easy to install and even easier to maintain, compact compact models are available in laminated slate, granite carving, handcrafted wood or any other material you desire.

Floor fountains compliment larger spaces than table fountains. Floor fountains are a perfect choice for fireplaces, rooms with vaulted ceilings and enclosed patios. Floor fountains make a statement on a space and those who have decorated it. Choose the fountain according to the overall appearance that you are trying to achieve in your decor. For example – ancient copper and river rocks exhibit a rustic feel while a full-fledged waterfall makes an exotic impression.

Fountains of water wall are the most spectacular fountains of the three. You can mount a wall fountain in an elevated place or build it in a wall. An entire wall can be turned into a calm water fountain or a quick display. Wall fountains are often built with aluminum, concrete, rock, copper, glass or terracotta. Features may include planters, light and mist.

Whatever the flow of water, trickles and is reflected in a solid reflection sheet, the fountains provide the versatility needed to create a unique interior. The practical benefits alone make fountains an addition worthy of your interior design.


Source by Johann Erickson

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