Decorating Ideas for Mobile Homes


The decorating decisions for a mobile home are not very different from those of a standard home. Although mobile homes have many "built-in" features, most people find that they are easy to modify or even remove and replace.

One of the challenges facing people who are acquiring old mobile homes is to cope with the wooden walls. Some people simply paint the panels in a lighter color, while others want to get rid of the paneled look. However, removing the panel texture surface is time consuming and difficult for a do-it-yourselfer. Many people were disappointed with the results of covering the paneling with wallpaper or painting it. In both cases, you must be sure to prepare the surface well. You will need to fill the grooves between the panels with caulk or caulk, and make sure that you use the proper primer before painting or upholstering. Whatever your choice, giving a new look to the walls of your mobile home gives a spectacular result to its overall appearance.

When choosing colors for the walls of your mobile home, keep in mind the size of the room. Remember that light colors tend to make rooms larger, while darker colors make rooms look smaller. If you have a "long" room, you can give it a balanced look by painting one of the walls at the "long end" a much darker shade of the color you choose for the room. It brings this wall closer and makes the space more uniform.

The fronts of the cabinets are easily updated with fresh paint, and even closet doors can be transformed to revive the look inside a mobile home. By using one of the popular faux painting techniques, you can give your cabinets and doors an antique or stone finish look. If you want more of a county style look at your kitchen, make some simple fabric skirts, gathered at each end, and use Velcro to attach them to the cabinet faces. If you are proud of your glassware collection, remove the door from one or more cabinets and let the open shelves serve as a showcase.

If you have money though, you can really give inside your mobile home a complete update by installing new cabinets. Most home improvement stores carry a wide range of sizes and cabinet styles most of which are very affordable. If you need an odd size coin, many manufacturers take orders in home improvement stores for custom sized cabinets.

The challenge – and the pleasure – of decorating a mobile home is to use what exists to its maximum advantage. While you may not be able to add or subtract walls, you can easily create a beautiful, personally pleasant place to call home.


Source by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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