Decoration: How to Make False Finishing


Color Washing Technique

Color washing is probably the simplest and most convenient method of forgery. It is purely the addition of varying hues of a color for example to produce a distinct and natural glow to a finish. This technique could also be used to hide minor imperfections without the need to repaint the entire wall.

Crackle and Aging Technique

Those looking for a sense of old interior could use the Crunch and Aging method to produce an almost authentic antique look to your home or your furniture. A crunching medium is applied on the furniture and is then used to produce a cracking effect, aging your furniture instantly.

Marbling Technique

Marble has long been used as a status symbol for homeowners who want to produce an elegant and expensive finish on their homes. The Marbling faux-finish method mimics the look of marble, giving the home or office that stylish effect without breaking the budget.

Metallic Technique

The faux finish could have been used for various effects. One of the most popular uses of the faux finish is to produce a shiny metallic finish. The use of this technique gives the objects an illusion of metal brass, giving the house a warm and comfortable appearance or a modern and sprawling atmosphere.

Sponging Technique

This false-finish method is a great way to give life to an old paint job without having to repaint the entire surface. This could have been used to touch up cracks and paint stains for homeowners who are currently on a budget.

Cloud Technology

Want to give your room or living room more air or a brighter feeling? The False Finishing technique could have been used to illuminate even the darkest or coldest corners of your home. Simple brush strokes are used to bring the sky into your home giving your family a light and easy going atmosphere.


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