Decoration: Marbling's masterpiece


The use of faux finishes could have been a practical and economical way to decorate your interior walls. The decorative finish allows you to mimic almost any available surface without using expensive materials itself.

There are many methods used in interior finishing. These different techniques are used depending on what the homeowner wants his finished decor looks like. The decorative finish is not only used to lighten the walls, but can also be used to mimic carpets for added effect.

The faux-finishes are so flexible and creative that their application in home decoration is limited only to the imagination of a person. It takes a certain degree of expertise for one person to produce the desired decorative finish. The difference between an ordinary painter and one who practices decorative finishing is that these people are not only highly skilled painters, but also have an eye for the art.

Planning to convert a space into a marble themed room? The simple logistics and the manpower needed to produce this result could be time consuming and, more importantly, prove too expensive before the idea takes off. This also requires you to strip the parts of your house just to accommodate all these changes. However, the use of faux finishes only needs a clean wall surface to produce the same marble finish.

The use of faux finishes in the reproduction of a marble finish is not only limited to home use, but has also been used in commercial buildings. In fact, their application is no longer evident in office and government buildings.

The use of faux finishes to replace marble as a finish could save a lot of weight to the building and reduce the overall cost of the project without sacrificing the quality of the finish. So, the next time you plan to renovate the interior of your home without sacrificing quality, why not consider trying yourself to the decorative finish.


Source by Amanda Haman

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