Defeat Your Acne With These Acne Skin Care Tips


Anyone with acne knows how disabling it can be. You try to use makeup to cover it, but it only makes things worse. To help you, I give you this advice.

Hands Off
Do not touch your face more than essential. I'm not just talking about your hands, I mean everything that might contain oil, such as pillows, towels, greasy hair, and so on. All this may contain bacteria, dirt or oil. your face and make your acne worse.

Any of these items could contain dirt, bacteria or oil that could transfer to your face and worsen your acne. Always be sure to wash your hands before touching your face. And keep your pillowcases and towels clean.

Drink plenty of water.6-8 glasses bought each day to be enough. You need water to hydrate your body, eliminate toxins and maintain your blood pressure right. Without a sufficient amount of water, the skin can dry and crack, allowing the bacteria to enter the skin and cause an epidemic of acne. You need water to maintain the elasticity of your skin, which aids in cell development and repair.

Rose water and lemon juice
A solution of rose water and lemon juice is ideal for treating your acne. Apply the solution of rose water and lemon juice, with a cotton swab, to the areas that have acne and leave it for 1 hour.

Do this everyday until you get the result you are looking for. In addition to helping rid your face of acne, it will also make you feel pleasant.

Pimple Popping
Popping your pimples is a no-no. When you break out your pimples, you allow the bacteria trapped in the zit to come out and spread the acne infection. This will cause a drastic increase in your acne.

The redness around the zit will also increase because of the pressure you used to burst your pimple. And if you pop your zits with dirty hands, your acne will get worse because of the bacteria, dirt, and oil that you transfer to your pores.

You started training every day. If you want to get rid of your acne, then you must eliminate stress from your body because stress is one of the main causes of acne. Now your acne can get worse if you do not practice acceptable hygiene.

Do not wear Lycra or tight nylon exercise clothes as they can trap sweat and allow bacteria to spread, thus contributing to acne. Always make sure to take a shower and wash your hair when you are done.


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