Description of Underground Termite Damage – Home Repair Facts


It's hard to imagine, but most people rarely, if ever, have seen an underground termite. Even if they see one, would they know what it was? Well, I'm here to give you an idea of ​​what an underground termite looks like and what damage it can cause to your home.

Most people have seen a fly larva, also known as a maggot on a rotting animal or in your trash, when you throw something that has begun to rot. An underground termite looks like a maggot. If you have never seen a maggot before, it would look like a small white worm.

Underground termites generally measure less than a quarter of an inch and are about the same size as the lead of a pencil. They usually leave a small mass of small brown dust on the floor around your house or patios. The best way to describe this dust is that it looks like salt and pepper, except that it is dark brown and light brown, instead of white and black.

These termites can build tunnels, using the soil around your house. They are usually less than half an inch in diameter and will adhere to the foundations of your building or block walls, leading to your house or any section of wood in your home.

I hope you have an idea, what an underground termite looks like and in my next article I will give you an idea of ​​some of the damage that these guys can do to your home and outdoor patios covered.


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