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Before embarking on a home improvement project, you must review the design elements involved to determine the route to follow with your project. Going the wrong way with your main steps could mean a big step back and / or a lot more work.

For example, say you have to remodel or redecorate an entire room. Would you need to start with the ceiling or wall? More work could be added to the project than addressing the whole process in the other direction. Let's take a look at the basic design elements for some of the major home improvement projects that people undertake.

Wall and Floors

A general rule is this: attacking the most complicated and difficult work first. hard to redo, before moving on to the next step of your interior design. In other words, take walls, for example. No matter if you decide to repaint, add or change wallpaper or even remodel the walls first, then do the rest, the whole process is a lot of tedious work, work messy. So it is most often where to start with the interior design.

Now yes, if these walls are attached to a floor that needs to be enlarged first, that's another story. You must coordinate the two major parts of your project, drawing our plans on paper and planning in advance.

In addition to your work plans for walls and floors, you must plan to collect your materials to be ready and work. good rhythm. List work gloves, wallpapers, adhesives, paints, waxes, brushes, sponges, rugs, rugs, and other treatments for the walls and floors you need, so you can easily grab and go.


You have to work a lot of lighting, both electricity and natural means, including windows and other windows (like sliding doors) in your design elements. Also, include your furniture and other accessories (stereo, gaming equipment, etc.) Start at the center point or the center point – like a TV or game system, then work outside, coordinating everything .

Renovation project basics for you. So add this site to your favorites and come back to find out more.


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