Design of the house: Ready for the heat of the summer? 11 tips to keep your cool


The summer is wonderful – there are barbecues and beach days, baseball games and lazy nights out. But summer also means high energy costs and electricity bills that can be difficult on your budget. In addition, continuously functioning air conditioners (AC) can be stressful for your home wiring and can cause a fire;

Fortunately, these tips can help you save money, reduce the load on your home electrical system and keep your climate cool all summer:

Improvements to the Insulation – The addition to the insulation of your home keeps your fresh air inside and the warm air on the outside. It is possible to add extra insulation to most areas of your home; the most cost effective is usually to lay more rollers on the insulation that you already have in your attic. Adding insulation to walls is a little more complicated, but there are ways to do it with minimal damage.

Attic Ventilation – If you have ever been to your attic when it is hot outside, you realize the amount of heat accumulated there. Temperatures in the 90's on the outside can easily heat an attic to 140 degrees or more, but a high-quality fan will disperse heat to the outside and reduce moisture problems.

Focusing the Air Conditioner – A Few Simple Maintenance can guarantee that your air conditioner is ready to cool your home when the heat of summer arrives. Inside, inspect your filters and clean or replace them if necessary. In the yard behind your house, make sure there are no leaves or other impurities on your condensing unit and that it can breathe. Heat the appliance and consider using a heating and air conditioning professional to make the appliance more complete.

Use a Programmable Thermostat – If no one is at home during the day, can set your AC to a higher temperature while you are away. The programmable thermostat can lower the temperature of about an hour before arriving home in a cool home. Similarly, placing it slightly higher for the times you sleep without sacrificing comfort.

Consider Area Air Conditioning – Most people spend their time at home in one or two rooms. Increase the temperature of your central air conditioner and use a zone AC product. Technology has come a long way, and it is now possible to buy a portable air conditioner that can cool a room big enough. There is no need to cook or work on a computer when you have a portable air conditioner that cools your personal space.

Ceiling Fans – The installation of ceiling fans can reduce your air conditioner use significantly. Their cooling may be enough on certain days, and they can improve your air conditioner on the hottest days, while allowing you to use less power. Make sure to change the direction of your ceiling fan for the summer; Cooling position means that your blades rotate counterclockwise.

Tighten Your Windows – Awnings on sun-exposed windows can save you money and washed out furniture! Another idea is to plant fast-growing hardwood shrubs near the windows to keep the heat. Likewise, adding blinds, curtains and even retroreflective dandruff can prevent the sun and heat from getting out of your house during the summer.

Capturing Cool Breezes – On moderately cool days, turn off your air conditioner, open your doors and windows and let cool breezes cool you down!

Fluorescent Lighting – Not only does fluorescent lighting last longer than incandescent lighting, but it does not produce heat. Pass all your lamps and fixtures to compact fluorescent lighting to save money on air conditioning. Plus, with a particularly unobtrusive house design, the lights can really show the place.

No Entry and Exit Privileges – Prevent children and dogs from entering and leaving the house as needed is one of the keys to keep your electricity bill low. Whenever a door is opened, heat and moisture rush, which keeps your AC power in an attempt to maintain it.

Do not heat your thermostat – Keep all appliances producing heat away from your thermostat air conditioners. Lamps, TVs, water heaters and tumble dryers can keep your air conditioner running continuously in your home.

Follow these tips before it's really hot, and you'll stay cool all summer!


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